The Front News (4/22/2012)

Another day in the war on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

Killing them on their streets

Just a little reminder as to what this ‘glorious war’ against ‘terrorism’ produces.

The ugly truth here


China, Russia To Hold Joint Naval Drill In Yellow Sea


Joint navy drill to boost China-Russia military ties: senior Chinese officer

Friendly military-to-military cooperation is an important aspect of the China-Russia strategic partnership, Chen [Bingde, Chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army] said, adding the drill is the first of such moves by the two countries’ navies.

Chen also said the drill would strengthen the naval forces’ ability to jointly confront new regional threats and demonstrate their confidence to maintain peace and stability in the region and world.

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China: India being swept up by missile delusion

India announced a test of its long-range nuclear-capable Agni V missile. The missile has a range of over 5,000 kilometers, meaning it could reach China.

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US troops defile Afghan corpses again, pose with body parts


Malalai Joya on ABC: Give Afghans self-determination


Pentagon to create terminators?

Representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense announced the launch of a project to develop computer systems with elements of artificial intelligence. But we are not talking about creating a "computer mind". The military are no longer satisfied with the speed of analysis and data quality of modern computers. No one is going to produce "terminators" at this point.

It seems that the Pentagon is seriously interested in artificial intelligence. It has nothing to do with insufficient intelligence of the employees of the U.S. Defense Department (all idle speculations about the low intellectual level of the Americans are ungrounded). The reason is quite simple - the computer systems of the U.S. military authorities cannot cope with the array of data that comes in every minute.

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Bush, Blair must stand trial: UK Lord

Labour party also accuses Lord Ahmed of offering a £10m bounty on US president Barrack Obama.

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Kim Jong Un addresses nation

Military First

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