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The LHC is back

Geneva, 20 November 2009. Particle beams are once again circulating in the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, CERN1’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This news comes after the machine was handed over for operation on Wednesday morning. A clockwise circulating beam was established at ten o'clock this evening. This is an important milestone on the road towards first physics at the LHC, expected in 2010.

“It’s great to see beam circulating in the LHC again,” said CERN Director General Rolf Heuer. “We’ve still got some way to go before physics can begin, but with this milestone we’re well on the way.”

The LHC circulated its first beams on 10 September 2008, but suffered a serious malfunction nine days later. A failure in an electrical connection led to serious damage, and CERN has spent over a year repairing and consolidating the machine to ensure that such an incident cannot happen again.

“The LHC is a far better understood machine than it was a year ago,” said CERN’s Director for Accelerators, Steve Myers. “We’ve learned from our experience, and engineered the technology that allows us to move on. That’s how progress is made.”

Recommissioning the LHC began in the summer, and successive milestones have regularly been passed since then. The LHC reached its operating temperature of 1.9 Kelvin, or about -271 Celsius, on 8 October. Particles were injected on 23 October, but not circulated. A beam was steered through three octants of the machine on 7 November, and circulating beams have now been re-established. The next important milestone will be low-energy collisions, expected in about a week from now. These will give the experimental collaborations their first collision data, enabling important calibration work to be carried out. This is significant, since up to now, all the data they have recorded comes from cosmic rays. Ramping the beams to high energy will follow in preparation for collisions at 7 TeV (3.5 TeV per beam) next year.

Particle physics is a global endeavour, and CERN has received support from around the world in getting the LHC up and running again.

“It’s been a herculean effort to get to where we are today,” said Myers. “I’d like to thank all those who have taken part, from CERN and from our partner institutions around the world.”

CERN LHC and Black Holes : Fact or Fiction?

Let's pray this doesn't happen!

More info on CERN from prior post at link below.


This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948


Students Protest Tuition

32% Inflation in UCLA Tuition Causes Riots (14 Arrested, 1 Tasered)


Thousands to Protest “School of the Assassins
Nov 20 2009
Democracy Now!

On 20th Anniversary of Killings of 6 Jesuit Priests by US-Backed Salvadoran Forces, Thousands to Protest “School of the Assassins” at Ft. Benning

Thousands are gathering at Fort Benning in Georgia this weekend for the annual protest to shut down the US Army training center dubbed by critics as the “School of the Assassins” for having trained some of the worst human rights violators in Latin America. This year’s protest will mark the twentieth anniversary of the murder of six Jesuit priests in El Salvador by the US-backed Salvadoran military. It comes days after the priests were posthumously bestowed El Salvador’s highest civilian award, marking the first time the Salvadoran government has honored the priests since their deaths. To talk about the priests and the overall state of Latin American affairs, we’re joined by Blase Bonpane, director of the Office of the Americas. A former Maryknoll priest, he has worked for more than four decades to promote human rights in Latin America.
Give the video a minute to load it works and is a must view to understand the Obama connection


Test your knowledge
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Russia-Germany: strategic partners in Europe and Asia
20 November, 2009

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has met with his German counterpart, Guido Westerwelle, who is on his first official visit to Moscow.

At a media briefing after the talks, Guido Westerwelle stressed in particular that the new German federal government is ready to continue the strategic partnership with Russia because it meets the interests of both parties.

Both ministers also made a statement that the Nord Stream gas pipeline project, so important for the whole European community, is advancing at an appropriate speed and both countries will continue to develop it.

Sergey Lavrov also said that “We have discussed the disarmament issues and Moscow welcomes the German decision to ratify the adoptive Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty). He added that Russia is always open for discussion of that topic.

“Russia expects closer co-operation with NATO countries on Afghanistan,” Lavrov said, “to effectively develop a common strategy.”

According to Sergey Lavrov, that would mean the development of a collaboration between NATO forces in Afghanistan and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) forces, which regularly conduct operations against drug traffickers on Afghan borders.

RT political commentator Peter Lavelle pointed out that “these are the first events after getting a president of the EU, so this bilateral relationship goes on and this is the first test case in a way.” And although not enough time has passed to tell whether or not there was some real progress, “the German Foreign Minister is a very important person in Europe,” added Lavelle.

“[Germany] could be the most important relation Russia has in Europe right now and it is rock solid,” said Peter Lavelle.


Human fat sought by Peruvian murderers
China National News
Friday 20th November, 2009

Peruvian police have arrested four people who are under suspicion of killing dozens of people for their fat.

It has been alleged the four lured unsuspecting members of the public with fake job offers before murdering them and extracting their fat for sale to cosmetic factories in Europe.

Police have said they are now making inquiries into an international network trafficking the human fat, which was supposedly selling for $15,000 a litre in Lima.

They claim the gang could be behind the disappearances of up to 60 people in the region.

The first person was arrested earlier this month in a bus station in Lima, carrying a shipment of the product.

After being arrested, he allegedly described to police how the victims were killed and their fat removed.

Police are looking for other suspected gang members, including two Italians.

The alleged buyers of the fat are also being hunted by police.


Myths of Our Time
by Paul Craig Roberts, November 13, 2009

It is conventional wisdom that it was the draft that ended the Vietnam war. According to this explanation, cowardly college students subject to the draft and their unpatriotic families, forced an end to the war. This is Karl Marx’s explanation. Material interests, not empty morality, are said to have brought the war to an end.

The fact that in those days the US still had an independent media of sorts that sometimes framed the war in moral terms is ignored. Are we sure, for example, that the film of the naked little girl running in terror down the road burning with napalm was ineffectual in arousing moral opposition to the war? Are we certain that it wasn’t an aroused moral conscience that brought about the end of the war but was college students’ fears for their lives and limbs?

If we ascribe ending the war to material interests, it makes ending the war look as unworthy as the war itself.

Yet, virtually every conservative columnist, commentator, newsperson and politician, as well as today’s antiwar protesters and apparently the Pentagon, believes that a military draft would reduce Americans’ toleration for wars because of body bags coming home to middle and upper class parents. Apparently, the lower class doesn’t mind its kids coming back in body bags.

Those in thrall to this explanation, which derives from Marx’s materialist explanation of history, do not notice that Vietnam was our longest war. It apparently took almost forever for the material interest of students and their parents to realize itself and stop the war.

Why are we afraid to say that the war stopped because American troops and the American population got tired, offended even, from killing women, children and noncombatants? Vietnam had not attacked the US. The US had interjected itself into a civil war in a far off place, as it has done in Afghanistan.

By invading Iraq the US started a civil war between Sunni and Shi’ite. In Pakistan the US has started a civil war between the religious tribal population and the secular US puppet state. In Palestine the US started a civil war between Fatah and Hamas.

One continuously reads from those Americans opposed to America’s wars of aggression that the wars are possible because they don’t affect Americans, just those few who sign up for the voluntary military. Thus, there are insufficient material interests at stake to stop the war. This is a common explanation for the weakness of the antiwar movement.

One could argue instead that it is the triumph of Karl Marx’s materialist thinking that has made moral protests impotent. What is morality? You can’t weigh it, define it, measure it. It can be dismissed as the whining of material interests. In contrast, material interests, such as lives, limbs, and bank accounts are real.

For whatever the reason, morality has shown itself to be an impotent force in 21st century America. Americans show no remorse at over one million dead Iraqis and four million displaced Iraqis due entirely to an American invasion based on lies and deception. The lies and deception are now well proven. Yet, there has been no apology for the horrors that Americans inflicted on Iraq.

Afghanistan is another example. Intentional lies conflated the Taliban with al-Qaeda and "terrorists." The diverse peoples in Afghanistan who were first ravaged by Soviet bombs are now ravaged by American bombs. Weddings, funerals, children’s soccer games, people waiting for fuel or food, people asleep in their homes, people attending mosques have all been murdered and are murdered routinely by US and its NATO puppets.

Each time civilians are murdered, the US denies it, only to be contradicted every time by the evidence.

Why is the president of the United States contemplating sending yet tens of thousands more US troops to kill people in Afghanistan?

The answer is that the United States is an immoral country, with an immoral people and an immoral government. Americans no longer have a moral conscience. They have gone over to the Dark Side.

Humanity has endeavored for millennia to control evil with morality. In the American "superpower," this effort has collapsed and failed.

The United States needs to be censured for its immoral behavior, not have that behavior rationalized as being in its material interests.

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