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Dr. Sherry Tenpenny interview on Swine Flu mandatory vaccinations.
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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Coast to Coast AM
Here's another chance to learn the truth before its too late.

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Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America
Thanks to Jim for this info!

A girl wearing a face mask to prevent swine flu in London

Prevention: Is the swine flu jab safe?

A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.

The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.

It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.

The letter, sent to about 600 neurologists on July 29, is the first sign that there is concern at the highest levels that the vaccine itself could cause serious complications.

It refers to the use of a similar swine flu vaccine in the United States in 1976 when:

  • More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
  • 500 cases of GBS were detected.
  •  The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
  • The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
  • The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.

Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the effects, especially on children, are unknown.

It is being developed by pharmaceutical companies and will be given to about 13million people during the first wave of immunisation, expected to start in October.

Top priority will be given to everyone aged six months to 65 with an underlying health problem, pregnant women and health professionals.

The British Neurological Surveillance Unit (BNSU), part of the British Association of Neurologists, has been asked to monitor closely any cases of GBS as the vaccine is rolled out.

One senior neurologist said last night: I would not have the swine
flu jab because of the GBS risk.'

There are concerns that there could be a repeat of what became known as the 1976 debacle' in the US, where a swine flu vaccine killed 25 people “ more than the virus itself.

A mass vaccination was given the go-ahead by President Gerald Ford because scientists believed that the swine flu strain was similar to the one responsible for the 1918-19 pandemic, which killed half a million Americans and 20million people worldwide.

Swine flu vaccines being prepared

The swine flu vaccine being offered to children has not been tested on infants

Within days, symptoms of GBS were reported among those who had been immunised and 25 people died from respiratory failure after severe paralysis. One in 80,000 people came down with the condition. In contrast, just one person died of swine flu.

More than 40million Americans had received the vaccine by the time the programme was stopped after ten weeks. The US Government paid out millions of dollars in compensation to those affected.

The swine flu virus in the new vaccine is a slightly different strain from the 1976 virus, but the possibility of an increased incidence of GBS remains a concern.

Shadow health spokesman Mike Penning said last night: The last thing we want is secret letters handed around experts within the NHS. We need a vaccine but we also need to know about potential risks.

Our job is to make sure that the public knows what's going on. Why
is the Government not being open about this? It's also very worrying if GPs, who will be administering the vaccine, aren't being warned.'

Two letters were posted together to neurologists advising them of the concerns. The first, dated July 29, was written by Professor Elizabeth Miller, head of the HPA's Immunisation Department.

It says: The vaccines used to combat an expected swine influenza pandemic in 1976 were shown to be associated with GBS and were withdrawn from use.

GBS has been identified as a condition needing enhanced surveillance when the swine flu vaccines are rolled out.

Reporting every case of GBS irrespective of vaccination or disease history is essential for conducting robust epidemiological analyses capable of identifying whether there is an increased risk of GBS in defined time periods after vaccination, or after influenza itself, compared with the background risk.'

The second letter, dated July 27, is from the Association of British Neurologists and is written by Dr Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, chair of its surveillance unit, and Professor Patrick Chinnery, chair of its clinical research committee.

America swine flu 1976

Halted: The 1976 US swine flu campaign

It says: Traditionally, the BNSU has monitored rare diseases for long periods of time. However, the swine influenza (H1N1) pandemic has overtaken us and we need every member's involvement with a new BNSU survey of Guillain-Barre Syndrome that will start on August 1 and run for approximately nine months.

Following the 1976 programme of vaccination against swine influenza in the US, a retrospective study found a possible eight-fold increase in the incidence of GBS.

Active prospective ascertainment of every case of GBS in the UK is required. Please tell BNSU about every case.

You will have seen Press coverage describing the Government's concern about releasing a vaccine of unknown safety.'

If there are signs of a rise in GBS after the vaccination programme begins, the Government could decide to halt it.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, leaving them unable to transmit signals to muscles effectively.

It can cause partial paralysis and mostly affects the hands and feet. In serious cases, patients need to be kept on a ventilator, but it can be fatal.

Death is caused by paralysis of the respiratory system, causing the victim to suffocate.
It is not known exactly what causes GBS and research on the subject has been inconclusive.

However, it is thought that one in a million people who have a seasonal flu vaccination could be at risk and it has also been linked to people recovering from a bout of flu of any sort.

The HPA said it was part of the Government's pandemic plan to monitor GBS cases in the event of a mass vaccination campaign, regardless of the strain of flu involved.
But vaccine experts warned that the letters proved the programme was a guinea-pig trial'.

Dr Tom Jefferson, co-ordinator of the vaccines section of the influential Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group that reviews research, said: New vaccines never behave in the way you expect them to. It may be that there is a link to GBS, which is certainly not something I would wish on anybody.

But it could end up being anything because one of the additives in one of the vaccines is a substance called squalene, and none of the studies we've extracted have any research on it at all.'

He said squalene, a naturally occurring enzyme, could potentially cause so-far-undiscovered side effects.

Jackie Fletcher, founder of vaccine support group Jabs, said: The Government would not be anticipating this if they didn't think there was a connection. What we've got is a massive guinea-pig trial.'

Professor Chinnery said: During the last swine flu pandemic, it was observed that there was an increased frequency of cases of GBS. No one knows whether it was the virus or the vaccine that caused this.

The purpose of the survey is for us to assess rapidly whether there is an increase in the frequency of GBS when the vaccine is released in the UK. It also increases consultants' awareness of the condition.

Panic over? The number of swine flu cases has fallen sharply in the past week

Panic over? The number of swine flu cases has fallen sharply in the past few weeks

This is a belt-and-braces approach to safety and is not something people should be substantially worried about as it's a rare condition.'

If neurologists do identify a case of GBS, it will be logged on a central database.

Details about patients, including blood samples, will be collected and monitored by the HPA.

It is hoped this will help scientists establish why some people develop the condition and whether it is directly related to the vaccine.

But some question why there needs to be a vaccine, given the risks. Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth About Vaccines, said: For people with serious underlying health problems, the risk of dying from swine flu is probably greater than the risk of side effects from the vaccine.

But it would be tragic if we repeated the US example and ended up with more casualties from the jabs.

I applaud the Government for recognising the risk but in most cases this is a mild virus which needs a few days in bed. I'd question why we need a vaccine at all.'

Professor Miller at the HPA said: This monitoring system activates pandemic plans that have been in place for a number of years. We'll be able to get information on whether a patient has had a prior influenza illness and will look at whether influenza itself is linked to GBS.

We are not expecting a link to the vaccine but a link to disease, which would make having the vaccine even more important.'

The UK's medicines watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, is already monitoring reported side effects from Tamiflu and Relenza and it is set to extend that surveillance to the vaccine.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: The European Medicines Agency has strict processes in place for licensing pandemic vaccines.

In preparing for a pandemic, appropriate trials to assess safety and the immune responses have been carried out on vaccines very similar to the swine flu vaccine. The vaccines have been shown to have a good safety profile.

It is extremely irresponsible to suggest that the UK would use a vaccine without careful consideration of safety issues. The UK has one of the most successful immunisation programmes in the world.'


Hilary Wilkinson

Victim: Hilary Wilkinson spent three months in hospital after she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
When Hilary Wilkinson woke up with muscle weakness in her left arm and difficulty breathing, doctors initially put it down to a stroke.

But within hours, she was on a ventilator in intensive care after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

She spent three months in hospital and had to learn how to talk and walk again. But at times, when she was being fed through a drip and needed a tracheotomy just to breathe, she doubted whether she would survive.

The mother of two, 57, from Maryport, Cumbria, had been in good health until she developed a chest infection in March 2006. She gradually became so weak she could not walk downstairs.

Doctors did not diagnose Guillain-Barre until her condition worsened in hospital and tests showed her reflexes slowing down. It is impossible for doctors to know how she contracted the disorder, although it is thought to be linked to some infections.

Mrs Wilkinson said: It was very scary. I couldn't eat and I couldn't speak. My arms and feet had no strength and breathing was hard.

I was treated with immunoglobulin, which are proteins found in blood, to stop damage to my nerves. After ten days, I still couldn't speak and had to mime to nurses or my family.

It was absolutely horrendous and I had no idea whether I would get through it. You reach very dark moments at such times and wonder how long it can last.

But I'm a very determined person and I had lots of support.'

After three weeks, she was transferred to a neurological ward, where she had an MRI scan and nerve tests to assess the extent of the damage.

Still unable to speak and in a wheelchair, Mrs Wilkinson eventually began gruelling physiotherapy to improve her muscle strength and movement but it was exhausting and painful.

Three years later, she is almost fully recovered. She can now walk for several miles at a time, has been abroad and carries out voluntary work for a GBS Support Group helpline.

She said: It makes me feel wary that the Government is rolling out this vaccine without any clear idea of the GBS risk, if any. I wouldn't wish it on anyone and it certainly changed my life.

I'm frightened to have the swine flu vaccine if this might happen again “ it's a frightening illness and I think more research needs to be done on the effect of the vaccine.'

Hotline staff given access to confidential records

Confidential NHS staff records and disciplinary complaints could be accessed by hundreds of workers manning the Government's special swine flu hotline.

They were able to browse through a database of emails containing doctors' and nurses' National Insurance numbers, home addresses, dates of birth, mobile phone numbers and scanned passport pages “ all details that could be used fraudulently.

And private and confidential complaints sent by hospitals about temporary medical staff “ some of whom were named “ were also made available to the call-centre workers, who were given a special password to log in to an internal NHS website.

It could be a breach of the Data Protection Act.

The hotline staff work for NHS Professionals, which was set up using taxpayers' money to employ temporary medical and administrative staff for the health service.

The not-for-profit company runs two of the Government's swine flu call centres “ with 300 staff in Farnborough, Hampshire, and 900 in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley described the revelations as disturbing'.

Anne Mitchell, a spokeswoman for Unison, said: There's no excuse for such a fundamental breach of personal security. Action needs to be taken as soon as possible to make sure this does not happen again.'

A spokeswoman for NHS Professionals would not confirm whether access to the confidential files had been granted.


Schools gear up for swine flu shots


WASHINGTON — Hundreds of schools are heeding the government's call to set up flu-shot clinics this fall, preparing for what could be the most widespread school vaccinations since the days of polio.

An Associated Press review of swine flu planning suggests there are nearly 3 million students in districts where officials want to offer the vaccine once federal health officials begin shipping it in mid-October.

Many more may get involved: The National Schools Boards Association told the AP three-quarters of the districts in a recent survey agreed to allow vaccinations in school buildings.

In South Carolina, "there will be a massive attempt to use schools as vaccination centers," said state Superintendent Jim Rex. He plans at least one vaccination clinic in each of the state's 85 school districts.

South Dakota started offering free children's vaccination against regular winter flu in 2007, and this year it plans to offer both kinds in many schools, said state Health Secretary Doneen Hollingsworth.

Now come the difficult details: figuring out all the logistics in giving squirmy youngsters a shot in the arm or a squirt in the nose.

That's in addition to measures being taken to keep the swine flu virus from spreading inside schools and to keep sick kids at home.

Already, Lee County, Miss., schools have reported a few cases of swine flu the first week of school, and a Louisiana high school football team reported 20 players sick or recovering from it.

To make sure students wash their hands, Minneapolis schools have outfitted every restroom with tamperproof soap dispensers, so students don't horse around with soap. And the district has a no-excuses policy to keep them filled.

"It sounds so simple, but it works," district emergency management director Craig Vana said.

Bismarck, N.D., is insisting that parents keep feverish children home. "We're going to have to be a little firmer on that this year than in the past," superintendent Paul Johnson said.

It can be hard to tell if a child has a bad cold or flu — and swine flu and regular flu share the same symptoms. For many schools, a 100-degree temperature automatically means sending a child home.

The goal is to keep schools open; federal officials said last week schools should close only as a last resort. The emergence of the never-before-seen flu strain last spring prompted more than 700 schools to temporarily close, giving students an unexpected vacation as parents scrambled to find child care.

Some big states, like California, Ohio and Massachusetts, are focusing on those steps and not on vaccinations, because they don't know how much vaccine the federal government will send or when it will arrive. Boston has decided against in-school vaccinations because an attempt at regular winter flu inoculations at a middle school last year flopped, and Dallas officials also have decided against school shots.

But hundreds of districts are preparing for vaccinations. At least 700 health and school officials joined an online seminar last week by the National Association of County & City Health Officials on how to run school flu vaccinations.


The government is awaiting results of vaccine studies that began last week before making a final decision on whether and how to offer swine-flu inoculations. If vaccinations go forward, children are to be among the first in line. They could get vaccine at a variety of places, but federal officials want schools to play a starring role.

"The vaccine over time will be available to every child," Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in an interview with the AP. "And I personally think the best place for them to have access would be at their local school or at a school in their neighborhood."

An AP-GfK poll last month found parents like that convenience: Nearly two-thirds said they were likely to give permission if their child's school offered vaccinations.

The school setting is attractive for many reasons, said Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Swine flu seems to strike the young most often, and it's particularly easy to spread from child to child. Moreover, school-age children "don't see doctors very often," Schuchat told the AP, after they've accumulated the list of vaccinations required for school entry.

She added that it should be relatively easy for schools to offer flu-shot clinics because the federal government would be buying swine flu vaccine and sending it free to states.

"You won't have to screen for insurance. That's been a big challenge in school-associated regular flu-shot clinics," Schuchat said. "That slows down the process."

There is plenty of experience with vaccinating school kids for regular flu, and there is plenty of evidence it works.

For the fourth year running, Knox County, Tenn., vaccinated 30,000 children for free in schools and daycare centers last year. The county often closed schools because of winter flu outbreaks in the past, but it hasn't since vaccinations began.

And in the last flu pandemic, in 1968, Tecumseh, Mich., vaccinated 85 percent of its school-age children, resulting in two-thirds less illness there than in a neighboring community.

There is an important difference with this year's swine-flu inoculations: Health officials think two separate doses, about three weeks apart, will be needed. Studies are under way now to confirm that. If so, it means any school that offers the first shot must set up for each recipient to get the second dose.


Different school districts handle vaccinations differently. Some will offer only vaccine against the regular winter flu — also important, as both types are expected to hit this year. In Florida's Pinellas County, which includes St. Petersburg, the health department won an economic stimulus grant to vaccinate every student at all 78 elementary schools against seasonal flu, said Rita Becchetti, supervisor of school health services.

That could be confusing for parents trying to remember which vaccine their child is getting.

Chicago, on the other hand, probably will have swine-flu shot clinics at select high schools, not elementary schools, saying it simply doesn't have the workers to send teams to more than 600 schools.

Berkeley County, W.Va., is considering drive-thru vaccinations at its three high schools, said district official George Michael.

In New York City, swine flu exploded in the spring at Saint Francis Preparatory School, which sent home 102 sick kids in one day. Today, City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley's first choice is for kids to get vaccinated by their own family doctors, but he's looking into clinics at schools or other locations.

"There's an awful lot of children who need to be vaccinated," Farley said.

Once the decision is made to offer flu shots at school, there are still issues to be worked out.

Not only must a parent sign a permission form, but someone needs to make sure it's filled out correctly and matches up with the kid. And there is staffing: Health professionals will need to administer shots and also check kids for reaction to the vaccine.

Schools will also need to decide whether parents should be present, said Brenda Greene, director of school health programs for the National School Boards Association.

"Are you going to do it at a time when the parents can be present, if they want?" Greene said. "I've heard the kids are more panicky when their parents are around than when they're not."

Knox County, Tenn., has always used FluMist, the nasal spray flu vaccine, to eliminate that concern, and will again this year in school vaccinations against regular flu. But most of the swine flu vaccine supply will be in shot form, and program director Jennifer Johnson hasn't decided whether to offer that in schools, too. She said one possibility is to inoculate kids at elementary schools after-hours, so parents could hold scared youngsters and then be vaccinated themselves.

The nasal spray is popular. Last year, FluMist maker MedImmune said it sent about 450,000 doses of the nasal spray vaccine to 140 school vaccination programs. The company expects FluMist vaccinations against regular winter flu to nearly double in schools this year.


Duncan, the education secretary, understands the more immediate issue for many schools is the start of the new school year. Once kids are back in class, "you want to get parents focused on the vaccine," he said.

In St. Paul, Minn., vaccinations are on the back burner until school gets under way after Labor Day, said Ann Hoxie, assistant director of student health and wellness.

"It's not going to be the first thing on everybody's mind. Reading and writing remain at the top of the list," Hoxie said.


Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert!!!!!!

Ezkiel Emanuel is the brother of Rahm Israael Emanuel And Son of a Well Known Israeli Terrorist


Americans need the kind of representation that special interests seems to have in Washington and over the 50 States.
Thanks to Adrienne for sharing this with us!

Our founding fathers demand we the people of each State, in order to form a more perfect union, throw off the Congress of 2008, including the entire House of Representatives and at least 1/3 of the Senate. If you have not aimed your anger at making certain that your purported representative is not unquestionably thrown out of office in 2010, you might as well stop fighting and join the socialism plan looking into your very eyes and saying what are you going to do about it.

The "arm" mentioned in the 2nd Amendment is not the answer, because presuming they were beared what’s next? Do you honestly think you could write words better than the words written from the beginning? Suppose you could write laws with more specific words. Would the lessons of the last 200 plus years mean anything?

The problem is special interests have representatives in Washington but you and I do not. Isn’t it amazing that when "town" meetings are unscripted the results show a complete different picture of voters? Look at the difference between the President’s meetings and the rest? It looks to me that the people voting for their State and United States representatives do not see eye to eye with the person purportedly chosen by that same group of people to be their representative.

I realize many have awakened and quite frankly WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? We are all glad you are here now and welcome to the front line. We have needed your help for some time. You have sat on juries for decades rubber stamping whatever the United States Attorneys asked you to do. You have sat on Grand Juries knowing you spent little or no time investigating the claims being made by the United States Attorneys against one of your fellow, maybe disliked, but fellow citizen none the less. Yes, some of us are upset but at the same time thanks for waking up. Some of us have been awake for decades. You can trust that we have your back and we are glad you will stand beside us and cover our back.

Even the media is having an impossible time spinning the counter intelligence emanating from their coverage of the town meetings. If others were not covering it the media probably would not have even said anything. Imagine what it would have been like 50 or 60 years ago. Certainly no Cronkite saying "that’s the way it is." I watched the Senator from Missouri yesterday morning on NBC explain that she was not surprised by the response she got when she asked whether people in the town meeting "trust me." This is a prime example of how easily these hand picked by attorneys people will lie in front of your very eyes and for decades have got away with it. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

They may lie to you but you cannot say you do not know about or see it any longer. Did you see Senator Spector’s look on his face when the lady said she wanted the Senate to go back to the Constitution? [He was thinking "Lady, do you know what you are asking"][Spector began his public affair by participating in the Warren Commission Cover Up of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.][if he watched the Zapruder film as many times as he said he did then there is no way he was not specifically aware of who killed John F. Kennedy.][remember, he is a lawyer] Could not have asked the question to Spector any better than the lady from Pennsylvania did. The problem was Spector’s response which was "that is what I [he] has been fighting for in Washington." Again, this is where there was no script.

Think of President Obama having to read from a script all the time. As soon as he comes out extemporaneously, like with the Boston Police and the Professor arrest, he states something that just happened was "stupid." That statement was not smart. When was the last time a President said a specific person working for a Government was "stupid" while doing their job?

Each one of these examples should lead you to the conclusion some organization is writing the script for the United States Government. Who or what could that be? Whether it be "don’t you trust me" or "what do you want me to do," which provoked the "I want you to defend the Constitution" all the way to that was "stupid," there is but one conclusion you must draw, among many selective others.

Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers. What one profession can you point to that is in control of over half the House, Senate and News Media, and in 100% complete control over the Judicial Branch of Government? Licensed Attorneys that who. When House and Senate members start renouncing their license to practice law I may begin to allow what they have to say to at least begin grazing my ears.

When Spector last week was defending his "I do not have the time to read 1000 pages in 2 days" response at another town hall meeting, he said he would need 2 attorneys and 2 days to even try. So even if you are not an attorney in the House or Senate, and he certainly is, you need at least 2 attorneys to even begin to decide what the House or Senate Bills say. You cannot just stop there. Yet, if the same Bill is passed into law then the same lawyers and judges place you under a "ignorance of the law is no excuse for a violation of the law so long as the law is definite and knowable" theory. Here are two different standards. How can any Law containing 1000 pages be definite and knowable? What lawyers spent two days with you?

A representative must also be able to see whether something being said now can be built on later under the boiled frog theory (words in the bill)(like partial birth abortion could lead to overturing Roe v. Wade)(example only). When Congress (both Houses) cannot read, or choose not to read any Bill and then such a Bill becomes Law of the Land (statutes at large), such conduct only favors one profession. Such conduct favors Lawyers. It does not help the plumbers, mechanics, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, and those who bust their rear off every day to survive. I know you don’t mind as long as the $ 50k a year for each of the 3 million federal prisoners can be maintained, right? 50,000 times 3,000,000 equals 150,000,000,000. Can you say $ 150 Billion yearly just to keep the United States prison game going. In 10 years that is 1.5 Trillion plus interest which would expand that number to 2.5 Trillion in 10 years. Why is it that Federal Prison population has grown over the last 60 years? Is it because people are just getting caught? Is it because people are watched closer than our former generations?

Think of the IRS for example. Every time you even get the simplest of letter from them they have thousands of attorneys ready to defend any action they take against you. Do you have any equal protection? Where are the licenced attorneys protecting you? They are not there. Lawyers are not God’s answer to prayers. Lawyers are the problem. They for too long have been able to say and do things without having to actually reside in the place they create [all exceptions must verify they qualify, otherwise do not trust]. For example, an attorney or his firm can just raise the price to $ 500 per hour claiming the taxes on what he makes is at a 50% bracket. This would be $ 250 per hour the United States gets out of every $ 500 you pay him or her for his or her services. So who is paying the taxes? Of course, you are.

Think of the small town who just received 3.5 million to place 18 more police officers on the local streets. Where did Congress get the money to do this? They extract taxes out of you and me by placing a 40 to 50% tax burden on everything you spend your money on. The only currency in circulation stems from that which was created when you or I or others borrowed it into circulation. If Congress’ only source of revenue is currency you or I borrowed and they are taking 50% of that at all times then how can the majority of people not fail? With 50% gone to Congress throws the rest of the indebted public under with no chance of regaining what they borrowed to pay it back.

Because you are not economists or lawyers you are told you just do not understand. Well get this licenced lawyers, economists and judges. Most everyone knows when they put brackets around their balance in the check book or bank ledger they know that means stop spending and that they have spent too much. In my humble opinion it appears to me that the founding fathers expected what is going on now to have happened every 20 years or so.

If you do not want an armed conflict then your only choice is to throw out everyone in the House and 1/3 of the Senate in 2010. This will need to be accomplished while dealing with swine flue, banks failing, jobs lost, and people’s health over the last however many years. Please do not think socialized health care, coupled with social security, medicare, medicaid, and bail outs, will solve any problems. It will not!

Look at New Orleans or Iraq. Then President Bush said he would rebuild New Orleans and after 4 years no mention of it anywhere in the media. New Orleans is not rebuilt nor could the United States every rebuild it (what about tax collection in the big easy?). Iraq? Afghanistan? Iran? All that we are battling is propaganda from licensed attorneys organized together for a common purpose. That purpose is to destroy the Constitution and Rights reserved for every person born in one of the 50 States. It could not be made more plain to me. Remember what Bush said that we would have to give up some freedoms for security. I bet he wished he could take that one back now.

Recently, after 4 years from the date of theft, licenced attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice argued to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Springer v. Horn, et al., 06-156 (carefully changed to Springer v. Albin, et al., 09-5088 in the 10th Circuit) that they admit the Special Agents stole money from me but argue they did not know at the time the were engaged in that theft of my money that they could be held liable for that theft ("the agents will argue, taking as true the allegation that the agents stole the $2,000 (see York v. City of Las Cruces, 523 F.3d 1205, 1209 (10th Cir. 2008)), that the Fourth Amendment does not guard against the subsequent theft of lawfully seized property.")

See at http://www.penaltyprotestor.org/files/10thBivensGovResponseOppMTD.pdf page 9 I have seen attorneys divide on so many federal issues and the Supreme Court refuses to fix it as is their distinct function to do. Only lawyers could think they can admit 13 Agents of the United States stole money during a purported raid on a Fourth Amendment protected home and remain confident their clients will get away with it.

Lastly, for now, I thought it worth commenting about the suggestion that the health care bill we are currently debating is not the final draft and therefore what is all the debate about. Let us not forget President Obama wanted this Bill voted on before last Friday. To argue that the 1000 pages were merely for debate purposes, or a good starting point, shows the type of lawyering the 50 States united under the Constitution can no longer tolerate. What has happened is there is a shadow Government calling all, or most all the shots, and we have threatened to drag them out in the town square and publicly ridicule them and they are not happy about it.

Imagine these same spirits in 1913 and the passage of the 16th Amendment. That amendment, nor any other version, would ever get as far as the health care bill as gone today.

I strongly urge once a month town meetings where people are brought together to voice their outrage and sing praises where due. If we take back the towns then bigger cities will follow. Once we take them back no spokesman for the shadow Government will survive without being called out for all to see. Its time what the towns across each State decide become the words uttered out of the mouths of the representatives pledging to support them in Washington D.C.

We can take town meeting votes and if those votes do not come close to the votes reported by the media on election day then we will all know what is supposed happens next.

Lindsey Springer 8.13.09


9/11 Mind Swell

9/11 Mind Swell

By Joel S. Hirschhorn
Global Research, August 11, 2009

As we approach the eighth anniversary of 9/11 consider this paradox.  In the post 9-11 years the scientific evidence for disbelieving the official government story has mounted incredibly.  And the number of highly respected and credentialed professionals challenging the official story has similarly expanded.  Yet, to the considerable disappointment of the international 9/11 truth movement, the objective fact is that there are no widespread, loud demands for a new government-backed 9/11 investigation.  The 9/11 truth movement is the epitome of a marginalized movement, one that never goes away despite not achieving truly meaningful results, which in this case means replacing official lies with official truth.  What has gone wrong?


Akin to the definition of insanity, the hallmark of entrenched but marginalized movements is that they continue to pursue exactly the same strategy and tactics that have failed to produce solid results.  They indulge themselves with self-delusion, defensive thinking and acting as if the world at large must surely and finally wake up, see the light and embrace the Truth.  Years and, potentially, decades go by, but this quixotic status quo remains embedded, as if set in intellectual concrete.  There is no brain tumor to blame.  Nor any mass hypnosis of true believers to prove.  There is just monumental disinterest among the dominant culture, political establishment and the broad public that is far more engaged with other issues, problems and movements.


The 9/11 truth movement, at best, gets meager public attention when it is derided and insulted, used as an example of persistent conspiratorial insanity.


Make no mistake; I concluded a few years back, after using my professional engineering and materials science background to study the evidence, that the official government story is a lie.  As a former full professor of engineering, I firmly believe that elements of the US government were involved with contributing to (not just allowing) the 9/11 tragedy, but that does not necessarily eliminate the role of those terrorists publicly blamed for the events.  Science, logic, evidence and critical thinking told me this.


Who should we blame for the failure of the 9/11 truth movement to fix the historical record and, better yet, identify those in the government who turned 9/11 into an excuse for going to war, getting them indicted, prosecuted, and punished for their murderous acts?


It is too easy to blame the mainstream media and political establishment for refusing to demand and pursue a truly comprehensive and credible independent scientific and engineering investigation.  President Obama with his tenacious belief in looking forward, not backward, exemplifies a national mindset to avoid the painful search for truth and justice that could produce still more public disillusionment with government and feed the belief that American democracy is weak at best, and delusional at worst.


Marginalized movements always face competition for public attention.  There are always countless national issues and problems that feed new movements and distract the public.  There have been many since 9/11, not the least of which was the last presidential campaign and then the painful economic recession, and now the right wing attacks on health care reform.  The 9/11 truth movement illustrates a total failure to compete successfully with other events and movements.


This can be explained in several ways.  The 9/11 movement has not been able to articulate enough benefits to the public from disbelieving the official government story and pursuing a new investigation.  What might ordinary Americans gain?  Would proof-positive of government involvement make them feel better, more secure, and more patriotic?  Apparently not.  In fact, just the opposite.  By its very nature, the 9/11 issue threatens many things by discovering the truth: still less confidence in the US political system, government and public officials.  Still more reason to ponder the incredible loss of life and national wealth in pursuing the Iraq war.  In other words, revealing 9/11 truth offers the specter of a huge national bummer.  Conversely, it would show the world that American democracy has integrity.


The second explanation for failure is that the truth movement itself is greatly to blame.  It has been filled with nerdish, ego-centric and self-serving activists (often most interested in pushing their pet theory) unable to pursue strategies designed to face and overcome ugly, challenging realities.  The truth movement became a cottage industry providing income and meaning for many individuals and groups feeding the committed with endless websites, public talks, videos, books and paraphernalia.  They habitually preach to the choir.  Applause substitutes for solid results.  In particular, it embraces the simplistic (and obviously ineffective) belief that by revealing technical, scientific and engineering facts and evidence the public and political establishment would be compelled to see the light.  Darkness has prevailed.


Proof of this are the views expressed days ago on the truth movement by Ben Cohen on the Huffington Post: “I have done some research on the topic, but stopped fairly quickly into when it dawned on me that: 1. Any alternative to the official account of what happened is so absurd it simply cannot be true.  2. No reputable scientific journal has ever taken any of the 'science' of the conspiracy seriously.  3. The evidence supporting the official story is overwhelming, whereas the 9/11 Truthers have yet to produce a shred of concrete evidence that members of the U.S. government planned the attacks in New York and Washington .”  Similarly, in the London Times James Bone recently said a “gruesome assortment of conspiracy theorists insists that the attacks on the US of September 11, 2001 were an inside job.  It is easy to mock this deluded gang of ageing hippies, anarchists and anti-Semites.”  Truthers continue to face a very steep uphill battle.


A common lie about the truth movement is that there have been no credible scientific articles in peer reviewed journals supporting it.  But those opposing the truth movement will and do find ways to attack whatever scientific evidence is produced and published.  It takes more than good science and facts for the movement to succeed.


Besides the movement having too many genuine crackpots (possibly trying to subvert it), a larger problem is what has been missing from it: effective political strategies.  Besides pushing scientific results and more credible supporters, it did nothing successful to make a new 9/11 investigation a visible issue in the last presidential campaign.  It did nothing effective to put pressure on a new, Democrat controlled congress to consider legislation providing the authorization and funding for a new, credible investigation.  It seems that people who want to blame the government are often unable to also see the political path forward that requires the government to fund a new investigation.


To its credit, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth does have a petition aimed at Congress, demanding a new investigation, but has fewer than 5,000 signers.  The petition effort in New York City to get a new investigation is commendable, with just under 75,000 signers, but national action is needed.  Pragmatically, both efforts are unimpressive compared to other campaigns seeking political action.  To get both media attention and political support the movement needs a hundred times more documented supporters, willing to do a lot more than sign a petition.


The tenth anniversary of 9/11 will come fast.  The opportunity is making 9/11 an issue in the 2012 presidential campaign.  The least delusional and defensive in the truth movement should think deeply and seriously on what needs to change to accomplish the prime goal: having an official investigation that compels most people and history to accept the truth, no matter how painful it is, including the possibility that it finds no compelling evidence for government involvement.


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The Expiring Economy

By Paul Craig Roberts

Tent cities springing up all over America are filling with the homeless unemployed from the worst economy since the 1930s. While Americans live in tents, the Obama government has embarked on a $1 billion crash program to build a mega-embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, to rival the one the Bush government built in Baghdad, Iraq.

Hard times have now afflicted Americans for so long that even the extension of unemployment benefits from 6 months to 18 months for 24 high unemployment states, and to 46 - 72 weeks in other states, is beginning to run out. By Christmas 1.5 million Americans will have exhausted unemployment benefits while unemployment rolls continue to rise.

Amidst this worsening economic crisis, the House of Representatives just passed a $636 billion "defense" bill.

Who is the United States defending against? Americans have no enemies except those that the US government goes out of its way to create by bombing and invading countries that comprise no threat whatsoever to the US and by encircling others—Russia for example—with threatening military bases.

America’s wars are contrived affairs to serve the money laundering machine: from the taxpayers and money borrowed from foreign creditors to the armaments industry to the political contributions that ensure $636 billion "defense" bills.

President George W. Bush gave us wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are entirely based on lies and misrepresentations. But Obama has done Bush one better. Obama has started a war in Pakistan with no explanation whatsoever.

If the armaments industry and the neoconservative brownshirts have their way, the US will also be at war with Iran, Russia, Sudan and North Korea.

Meanwhile, America continues to be overrun, as it has been for decades, not by armed foreign enemies but by illegal immigrants across America’s porous and undefended borders.

It is more proof of the Orwellian time in which we live that $636 billion appropriated for wars of aggression is called a "defense bill."

Who is going to pay for all of this? When foreign countries have spent their trade surpluses and have no more dollars to recycle into the purchase of Treasury bonds, when US banks have used up their "bailout" money by purchasing Treasury bonds, and when the Federal Reserve cannot print any more money to keep the government going without pushing up inflation and interest rates, the taxpayer will be all that is left. Already Obama’s two top economic advisors, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and director of the National Economic Council Larry Summers, are floating the prospect of a middle class tax increase. Will Obama be maneuvered away from his promise just as Bush Sr. was?

Will Americans see the disconnect between their interests and the interests of "their" government? In the small town of Vassalboro, Maine, a few topless waitress jobs in a coffee house drew 150 applicants. Women in this small town are so desperate for jobs that they are reduced to undressing for their neighbors’ amusement.

Meanwhile, the Obama government is going to straighten out Afghanistan and Pakistan and build marble palaces to awe the locals half way around the world.

The US government keeps hyping "recovery" the way Bush hyped "terrorist threat" and "weapons of mass destruction." The recovery is no more real than the threats. Indeed, it is possible that the economic collapse has hardly begun. Let’s look at what might await us here at home while the US government pursues hegemony abroad.

The real estate crisis is not over. More home foreclosures await as unemployment rises and unemployment benefits are exhausted. The commercial real estate crisis is yet to hit. More bailouts are coming, and they will have to be financed by more debt or money creation. If there are not sufficient purchasers for the Treasury bonds, the Federal Reserve will have to purchase them by creating checking accounts for the Treasury, that is, by debt monetization or the printing of money.

More debt and money creation will put more pressure on the US dollar’s exchange value. At some point import prices, which include offshored goods and services of US corporations, will rise, adding to the inflation fueled by domestic money creation. The Federal Reserve will be unable to hold down interest rates by buying bonds.

No part of US economic policy addresses the systemic crisis in American incomes. For most Americans real income ceased to grow some years ago. Americans have substituted second jobs and debt accumulation for the missing growth in real wages. With most households maxed out on debt and jobs disappearing, these substitutes for real income growth no longer exist.

The Bush-Obama economic policy actually worsens the systemic crisis that the US dollar faces as reserve currency. The fact that there might be no alternative to the dollar as reserve currency does not guarantee that the dollar will continue in this role. Countries might find it less risky to settle trade transactions in their own currencies.

How does an economy based heavily on consumer spending recover when so many high-value-added jobs, and the GDP and payroll tax revenues associated with them, have been moved offshore and when consumers have no more assets to leverage in order to increase their spending?

How does the US pay for its imports if the dollar is no longer used as reserve currency?

These are the unanswered questions.

Paul Craig Roberts [email him] was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term.  He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal.  He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by French President Francois Mitterrand. He is the author of Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider's Account of Policymaking in Washington;  Alienation and the Soviet Economy and Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy, and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice. Click here for Peter Brimelow’s Forbes Magazine interview with Roberts about the recent epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct.


The Codex Alimentarius threat (1 of 9)

Codex Alimentarius Ian R Crane .. 1 of 9 ... Ian talking about the Codex Alimentarius threat, and the big pharmaceuticals organising & pushing through changes that do not bode well for Our healthy future ... here again we see A wing of the One World Government sneaking "Their Will" into Man's experience of life .. if we don't do something about the implementation of Codex Alimentarius, in the very near future, sorrow will fill our days .. having finally succumbed, due to our lack of "open-mindedness, apathy & selfishness", our lives will henceforth be gauged by Big Pharma .. our food stuffs grown, processed, and containing whatever ingredients & vitamins "seen fit" by "new standards" sent down from the UN.

Remember .. UN, WTO WHO along with Codex Alimentarius are ALL Non Governmental Organisations .. they are trading, they have Their Own agenda beyond the facade they want us to see .. these are only a few of such organisations, that are in fact branches of the New World Orde tree, who's aim it is, to control our lives world wide .. if you take a closer look at life today, you'll see that "they" in fact run all major divisions of our existence right now, and are working on bringing the few countries who DON'T Have ANY Debt, into this Debt based Society, known as western Civilisation .. i won't say democracy, as there truly is no such thing ...

It doesn't have to be this way .. we could all live without the endless hype & not even subtle mental terror these henchmen throw at us daily.

Never heard of Codex Alimentarius? ... That's exactly what they want!

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