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Why is it that the US seems to think this plan will work?

Submitted by Scott an American Trucker


Why is it that the US seems to think this plan will work? Mexicans are always breaking our laws for their own self benefit, so what makes our government believe that the Mexican drivers will only come in here with a ld and leave with a ld and not try to "bounce around" in the u.s.? Our government has difficulties trying to keep the illegals out, but yet they're going to try and regulate them inside a semi. Yeah...OK.

If they are going to come in here then they need to be on the same playing field as American drivers are and they need to be just as liable for their actions as every American citizen is.

What happens if they fall asleep behind the wheel and kill some Innocent family? What repercussions are they going to have to deal with? Or is it going to be one of those scenarios where the US government says it's not our problem and sends them back to Mexico? And if so, will Mexico punish them and Ban them from coming into the us again or will it be one of those things where they say "well you know how to drive a truck so here's ya another Mexican cdl, don't worry they won't recognize ya cause we all look the same".

Simply put. Mexican drivers equal low freight rates, HIGH crash rates, Dead innocent American families, POOR air quality, HIGH drug traffic, HIGH amounts of illegal immigrants, and a RUINED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But that's right, it's not "we the people anymore, it's WE THE GOVERNMENT, YOU THE STUPID SLAVES".

Mexican trucks are bad news. Too bad our people up in Washington DC can't understand that.

Scott( another american slave trucker)

Well you hit that nail on the head Americans are already working two and three jobs to eat and stay out of the rain.

I guess we are going to turn into a 3rd world country, and this is just the beginning.

They have gotten away with this now so they have the green light for NAFTA, our country is out of control and heading for a real hard landing.

from another slave trucker!

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