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United States Budget Dilemma.


Ben said,
Outstanding Video John. That guy should be in charge of our budget committee. When this does come down the pike there will be hell to pay. I personally think, that will be soon. I don't think we can keep up this pace very much longer without total destruction of our country. I also believe the American people will not like paying 50% more in taxes. We are in trouble, I just hope that the government gets it butt kicked for this mess. Its all about the destruction of our country.


Win Olympic Gold, Pay the IRS

U.S. Olympic medal winners will owe up to $9,000 to the IRS.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — While 529 hardworking athletes proudly represent the United States in the 2012 Olympics, any medals and money they earn wearing red, white and blue will be taxed by the IRS. According to research done by the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, U.S. Olympic athletes are liable to pay income tax on medals earned and prizes received at the London games.

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Cop Carmagedon!!!

US man crushes seven police cars with tractor


America, the Society of Deception, Hard Evidence of Mass Mind Control

Evidence on Why Americans Are So Gullible

Many of the things you think happened, never happened. Many things you think are real, be it history or even as far as the nature of reality, time and space itself, all of it is undoubtedly significantly different than you believe it to be.

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The Real Suspects of 9/11


9/11 EXPOSED, Researched facts and analysis- Full Documentary.


9/11: September 11 Terrorist Attacks - Missing Links


The corruption of America is complete


By Lord Howard Hurts

The corruption of America is complete. The Congress is corrupt. The Supreme Court is corrupt, and the President is both corrupt and a fraud. How can this be possible? Because the citizenry of this nation, for the most part, is the product of an education system that has brainwashed it students for several decades. These "Blind Sheep" only know how to destroy, or pick apart, any subject or person. They are not capable of logical reasoning. This birth certificate issue is one where logical reasoning would apply.

The case has been made by reasonable persons qualified in the field of document analysis that this document is a composite and a fraud. The press doesn't listen and then ask questions about the results found, it asks questions and attacks the persons who have presented the creditable evidence. THE GAME IS RIGGED. We have a Republican candidate for President who is aware of this birth certificate issue and is being pummeled in the press to give up more tax returns so that the Democrats can destroy him by nonsense. And yet this coward, Mitt Romney, refuses to attack this fraud of a President on the birth certificate issue.

All this confusion could be ended in one afternoon. President Obama could let Sheriff Arpaio view his real birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii, under the "protective eyes" of the press, so that it could be ascertained that the Internet version of this birth certificate and the one in the vault are one in the same. But this is not going to happen for two reasons: 1. The two versions of this certificate will not match, and 2.This great distraction is a divisional issue between the Patriot's of America and the Republican, public educated, "Blind Sheep". It is good sport as we say in England.

So now, you say, "Well if the documents don't match, that fact in itself is a crime." Yes, but does anyone really believe that it is worth fighting a civil war over such an issue? Don't mentally jump ahead, continue reading. Then you have the next question: "If the birth certificates don't match, then Obama might not be an American." Well here is where the opposition is using the true facts against the persons using logic. The opposition knows that Obama was born in Hawaii and that both his parents were American citizens. They know that Obama Sr. was not the father of the President Obama Jr. Many of these cowards in the Congress know the answer. The answer would embarrass not only President Obama, but would embarrass the nation. President Obama might not have known the actual truth of his birth until 10 years ago. Of this I am not certain, but I am sure that by the time he knew the true answer to the name of his father, he was already committed, and it was too late to correct the facts. So how do I know all this? Read on....................

I recognized President Obama as a Marxist and was determined to find a way to "spotlight" his true politician leanings. The birth certificate issue seemed the easiest issue available so I "attacked it". Well, I had no idea that it would take nearly 3 million dollars to get to the truth of the issue. And I spent 3 long years trying to find the "weak link" in the chain to bring this birth certificate to "light".

As I worked to figure a way to get into the vault in Hawaii, I had wondered many times about why Obama was so concerned about someone viewing his actual birth certificate. My mind wandered just as the minds of many others had done. I also had wondered why The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, otherwise known as the Mossad, had not provided the proof of the "missing Obama birth certificate". I have several friends inside this organization and had "prodded" them to "blast" the Obama administration with the proof (I knew, at the time, that they had a copy of the Obama birth certificate that is locked in the vault in Hawaii). Well, I heard no response, one way or the other. Silence.

I should have known that "Silence" meant that what they found was next to worthless (there are many outlets that would have fronted and presented this information had it been offered). But I plodded along, thinking that there was some convoluted reason for the Mossad not providing the information to "Sink Obama". I can only say that it was a difficult and most often frustrating journey to finally get a true copy of the Obama birth certificate in hand. And then suddenly, once secured, I find that this document is nearly worthless as a tool to pry this most inept, and corrupt, individual (Obama) from office.

Looking back, I should have figured if the Mossad had no interest, then it was a "blind alley", so to speak. Now I find myself at a crossroad, and at the same time in a precarious situation. The document I have procured holds nothing that a court of law would rule as an obstacle to B.H. Obama being President of the United States of America. Of this I am certain. He is in fact a Natural Born Citizen, and there is no dispute about this. Now, in my attempt to "make history", I have breached many laws, and should I make this document public, the only thing that will be accomplished is that the previously posted birth certificate, on the Internet, will not match this actual B.H. Obama birth certificate found in the vault in Hawaii. Big deal! Oh, and I would be arrested for obtaining a document by purloined means.

Now here is the key, and something that I should have picked up on years ago: Dr. Fukino says that she sent 2 copies, of this original birth certificate to President Obama. I believe her. But has anyone asked her if the birth certificate posted on the Internet, by Obama, is the same as the ones she sent to Obama? Her answer would have to be, No. She also stated, and it is documented, that she viewed the document 2 times in the vault in Hawaii, and that the certificate was half typed and half hand written. Is the Internet document half hand written? No. Then it is not a photo copy of the ones sent by Dr. Fukino to Obama. So now you can "see" that I am in a "Stand Off" with Obama.

If he pushes to have me arrested, I can easily make this copy of his birth certificate available to some friendly media outlet. So why should he "push me" if I keep the information hidden? But then again, why should I make it known that I have a copy of his birth certificate in the first place? Because too many people who look for negative information about Obama seem to suffer from "heart attacks", and if I should have a sudden "heart attack", the document will find its way to some media outlet. Obama is ahead now, so why test fate and "push buttons" that may change the game? If you read my postings at: you will find that I have had several incidents where individuals have been "following" me, and I have had to relocate myself, in several different countries, so as to feel safe. I am presently outside of the U.S. and will continue to stay outside until something changes. So my advice to Sheriff Arpairo is to quit while you are ahead. The trail has been nothing but a "Red Herring". Finding the real birth certificate will not gain you anything. Now a message for true American Patriot's like Sheriff Arpairo:

The Presidential election of 2012 may be the pivotal point for this great Republic. To think that the fate of the nation is based on the economy is pure folly. To believe that Republican Romney will revive the economy because he was a successful businessman is a total misunderstanding of the seriousness of a nation without a "Moral Compass". This nation, and the world, is on the brink of total collapse due to economies based on promissory paper, and political promises, rather than hard assets such as gold or platinum. What we should be concerned with is electing a leader who will provide security to the citizens while restoring integrity to government, and who will defend the Constitution as it is written.

When these three goals are met, the economy will restore itself. It is also time to eliminate the Department of Education because as the cost of education increased over the past 30 years, the American student scored lower, and lower, when compared to students of other nations; nations that provide education for half the cost of the inferior American education. And this is why I believe that Allen West is the person that the Republican's should draft as their candidate for President. In the trying times coming only a military man will be able to make the "hard" decisions needed to keep this nation from entering into a destructive civil war. Elect Obama, Romney, or Hillary Clinton, and say hello to: The United States of Socialist America.

Lord Howard Hurts


White House gives cool welcome to bill restricting online ammo sales

It requires anyone selling ammunition to be a licensed dealer.

It requires ammunition buyers who are not licensed dealers to present photo identification at the time of purchase, effectively banning the online or mail order purchase of ammo by regular civilians.

It requires licensed ammunition dealers to maintain records of the sale of ammunition.

It requires licensed ammunition dealers to report the sale of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition to an unlicensed person within any five consecutive business days.

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Tony Farrell Takes A Stand For Truth and Justice

Tony Farrell, who has recently lost his job for speaking out and taking a stand for the truth about 7/7, has sent a letter (including Muad'Dib's 7/7 Ripple Effect DVD's) to all of the police chiefs and principal analysts in the UK, asking them to stand up for truth.


Capitalism Failed

by Stephen Lendman

Economic/financial systems dependent on wars and predation eventually self-destruct. Western capitalism is no exception.

Money power runs things. War profiteering is policy. Ordinary people have no say. Exploiting them for profit is prioritized. Divisions between rich and poor grow. By some measures they’re unprecedented.

Money power in private hands and democracy can’t co-exist. Banking giants transformed Western societies into vehicles for wealth extraction. Corrupt politicians facilitate their criminality. In return, they’re rewarded handsomely.

Paul Craig Roberts wrote about “The Collapsing US Economy and the End of the World.” Can societies survive Washington’s hubris, he asked?

Federal policy destroys people politically, militarily and economically. Few benefit at the expense of most others. Washington grows more “isolated and despised.” Europe “is on the ropes” and sinking.

Wars rage endlessly. Victories are elusive. Options perhaps are down to “the elimination of life on earth. Is this Washington’s program,” asked Roberts.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once said what good are nuclear weapons if you don’t use them. Roberts quoted neocon warmonger Bill Kristol saying the same thing.

Formerly he served as vice president Dan Quale’s chief of staff. He’s now a Fox News regular. He and others like him want to blow up the world to exploit it.

These types run America and Western societies. They also conspire with bankers to steal us blind. John Kozy is a Progressive Radio News Hour regular. His latest article headlined “How the Economy Works; the Necessity of Crime.”

Forget about love. Money and fraud make the world go round. Roberts explained in discussing libor and other grand schemes. Kozy said “(w)hether people benefit or are injured is never an economic concern.” They’re “irrelevant.”

Commercial enterprises commit crimes. Growth depends on it. So does GDP. Economies are disconnected from people and their welfare. Money made by stealing it or destroying things works better than by operating honestly.

Western economies are “totally immoral.” Kozy quoted a financial advisor saying:

“As investors, we absolutely must not let our political beliefs, the news media, or anything else stand in the way of our quest to grow our hard-earned money into (more of it for) lasting wealth.”

Who cares what harm befalls others in the process. They’re externality burdens for them to bear. At the same time, chickens are coming home to roost. Years of economic/financial excess head closer to day of reckoning payback.

Troubled EU economies look worse off now than in decades. Money power in private hands bears full responsibility. They’re heading societies off a cliff. Proposed fixes work short-term. Greater problems result.

Unvarnished reality looks dire. Economic numbers heading south show it. Markit Economics provides independent data. Its composite economic index showed contracting activity for six consecutive months. In July, its manufacturing component hit a three-year low.

Markets rise on hopes and prayers. Central bank rhetoric and bravado substitute for sound policies. Economic reality looks bleak.

Powerhouse Germany got a credit warning. Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) looks increasingly like a failed experiment.

From inception, the euro was a disaster waiting to happen. Dissolution appears just a matter of time. Existential reality shows breakup draws closer.

Trouble also looms in America. One analyst said it wins first prize in the ugly contest. Europe ranks last. Nomura’s chief European economist Jacques Cailloux asked:

“What can they do and what would bring about a sustained turnaround in market confidence? There I struggle to find something that would really be convincing.”

Regardless of up and down market swings, a secular bear market in equities persists. Two ECB LTROs (Long-Term Recovery Organization) bought little time and nothing else.

ECB president Mario Draghi claims he has more tricks up his sleeve. One analyst said he’s throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Monetary policy is a blunt tool. Structural insolvency issues persist. Central bank intervention is short-lived. Core problems remain unaddressed.

European credit crunch issues cause more problems. Germany’s done heavy lifting for the continent. Cross-border lending by its banks fell nearly 20% in the past seven months. It’s back to 2005 levels.

Deposits keep leaving Greece, Portugal and Spain for safer locations. At the same time, European banking faces a trillion euros worth of bad loans. Today’s numbers are 9% greater year-over-year. Overall, 2.5 trillion euros are non-performing.

Solutions call for more debt. Fires aren’t extinguished by throwing fuel on them. Central bankers and politicians avoid responsible actions. Existential moments await all poorly run economies.

Progressive Radio News Hour (PRNH) regular Jack Rasmus predicts economies will head south ahead. America’s stagnating economy remains weak. Recovery is an illusion.

The economy needs growth above 2.5% to create jobs. Dismal numbers reported are overstated. Jobs are lost, says Rasmus. Tax cuts don’t create them. Neither do corporate handouts. Ahead things look worse.

These type policies have “zero impact on the economy and job creation,” says Rasmus. Claiming otherwise is a myth. Policy-makers and media scoundrels repeat it ad nauseam.

US economic data are grim. Consumer and business spending slowed. Auto sales fell dramatically. Total retail sales fell three straight months in Q II.

Services consumption recorded its lowest growth in two years. Rasmus said consumer spending was driven largely by rising credit card, auto, and education debt. It’s unrelated to real disposable income. It’s falling.

Manufacturing strength is ebbing. Durable goods spending declined sharply. US exports grew more slowly than imports. GDP took a hit.

State and local government spending keeps declining. So does domestic federal spending. During hard times, it’s a prescription for trouble. Spending cuts, layoffs and higher household taxes assure greater problems later on.

Rasmus sums up US economic woes, saying:

In 11 post-1947 recessions, state and local government spending increased. Net private sector job creation averaged 350,000 for six consecutive months. Housing led recovery.

For the past four years, the opposite occurred. No effective jobs program exists. Continuing housing foreclosures harm millions. State, and local government spending heads south. So does domestic federal spending.

Obama betrayed Americans. His alleged economic recovery program was illusory. Ahead things look worse. In Europe they’re dire. Draghi promised help. Some observers think he’s bluffing. Others don’t trust him.

On July 30, Der Spiegel headlined “ECB Divided over Efforts to Save Euro,” saying:

Analysts called Draghi promising to do “whatever it takes to preserve the euro” another “platitude coming from a politician.” Short covering sent markets higher. Expect europhia to be short-lived.

“(E)xperts at the central banks of the euro zone’s 17 member states had no idea what to do with the news. Draghi’s remark was not the result of any resolutions, and even members of the ECB Governing Council admitted that they had heard nothing of such plans until then.”

“A crisis of nerves” persists. Numerous euro summits produced failure. Previous ECB interventions bought time. Nothing else was accomplished. What sounds promising when announced, in fact, shows weakness.

Germany’s Bundesbank called Draghi’s proposal “problematic.” If he backs up his words with intervention, “the climate in Europe’s monetary authority could sink to a new low.”

Northern European creditor countries fear he’s willing to sacrifice sacrosanct monetary principles. Debtor periphery ones think the Bundesbank secretly plans returning to deutsche mark stability.

Commerzbank chief economist Jorg Kramer believes Draghi “exceeded his scope of responsibility.” Maneuvering lost him credibility. Resistance against him grows. Everything he tried failed. Repeating what doesn’t work shows ineptitude. Maybe his days are numbered.

Sovereign debt buying can’t bring lasting market relief or resolve deep-seated structural problems. Draghi’s fighting symptoms, not underlying causes. Economic trouble grows.

The longer real solutions are delayed, the worse things get. What’s intended to maintain monetary union may end up dissolving it. Force-fed austerity hastens it.

Resolving crisis conditions responsibly isn’t even discussed. It’s a recipe for disaster. Only its timing is unknown.

On July 31, the Financial Times headlined “Time for something different from the ECB,” saying:

After becoming president last November, Draghi said the “security markets program” his predecessor launched was seriously flawed.

“ECB hardliners (said) the bank compromised its political independence by wheeling-and-dealing with eurozone governments.”

Something different is needed. “The ECB is responsible for the effective implementation of its monetary policy. But, with eurozone interest rates diverging so much, that is clearly not happening.”

Draghi left key questions unanswered. “Will the ECB overcome the ‘seniority’ problem of a revamped bond-buying program by finally taking losses on its Greek bonds?”

“How will he keep the (leery) Bundesbank on side, or at least prevent it undermining the credibility of any ECB intervention?”

“Will it somehow try to distinguish between ‘convertibility’ premiums and other factors driving up bond yields?”

Draghi’s bravado gave no answers. He’s been ECB president since last November. Formerly he was vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International, governor of the Bank of Italy, Italian executive director at the World Bank, and Financial Stability Board (FSB) chairman.

Established in 2009, the FSB advanced the ball closer to global monetary control. It lets banking giants consolidate power and run world economies. Draghi ran it until appointed ECB president.

Now he’s wrecking Europe. Perhaps Germany will return to deutsche marks and France reissue francs. Doing so might be a step in the right direction to stop him.

About the Author: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


Fukushima: precious time has been lost

Michel Fernex

“What should WHO have done after Chernobyl ?” asked Dr Nabarro in 2002 when he was Acting Director-General of the World Health Organization. I replied immediately, and then confirmed it in writing: “Convene a Scientific Working Group on Ionising Radiation and Genetics” like the one in 1956, and add the words “and Genomic Instability”.

In 1956, in response to this question, WHO convened a study group in Geneva that included the Nobel prize winner in genetics, Professor Muller, and other luminaries of international repute in the field. Together, these scientists reminded the world that « The genome is the most valuable treasure of human kind. It determines the life of our descendants and the harmonious development of the future generations. As experts, we confirm that the health of future generations is threatened by the expansion of the nuclear industry and the growth of the quantity of radioactive sources. We also consider that the fact of appearance of new mutations observed in people to be fatal for them and for their descendants.” Since then, geneticists have been exploring a new area: genomic instability caused in particular by radiation.

Since 1959, an agreement signed between WHO and the International Atomic Energy Agency, and then a number of additional legal texts, prohibit WHO from intervening in nuclear accidents. But in 1986, the Minister of Health in the USSR asked WHO to set up an international Research Project and aid for the victims of Chernobyl. There was no response for eighteen months, because WHO had no authority to intervene. The IAEA, promoter of civil nuclear power, responded. In the project they designed, there was no mention of genetics, but they gave high priority to dental caries and this became the subject of investigations and research.

What genetic damage has been done to the population following the accident at Fukushima? Are the alterations already recorded in the cells of those workers who have exhausted themselves, over the last year, in an effort to reduce the dissemination of radionuclides into the environment. What about people who inhaled radioactive material and ate contaminated food ? Has this induced genomic instability? And the children that have been born since, or who will be born to fathers or mothers who have been irradiated. Have they inherited the fragile genomes of their parents ?Are they, perhaps, going to be even worse affected than their parents ?

In fact, researchers have been surprised to find that genetic damage, and above all perigenetic damage, which is responsible for genomic instability, to descendants is far worse than to parents; and this risk increases from one generation to the next. R.J.Baker and his colleagues, studying the DNA of genes transmitted from mother voles to their babies, found levels of mutation, from generation to generation, reaching 100 times higher than anything we have previously encountered up to now in the animal kingdom. The area in which these rodents live has seen its level of radioactivity decrease, because Caesium 137 is carried in rainwater and infiltrates deep into the soil, where it can be recycled by plants.

One might think that in forests far away from Chernobyl that these rodents would react positively to these improved radiological conditions. But the mutations and the genome fragility have increased over 22 generations in populations of voles studied by Goncharova and Ryabokon in Belarus. These geneticists have observed the opposite of an adaptation to radioactivity: an increase in genomic instability in all populations studied, from 30 to 300 kilometres away from the stricken reactor. In the least contaminated zones, near Minsk, the genomic instability is slow, but it will persist and worsen up to 22 generations later.

The genetic effects observed in both humans and rodents has led Professor Hillis, at the University of Texas, to conclude in his editorial in the review Nature, 25th April 1996: « We know today that the mutagenic effect of a nuclear accident can be far more serious than we ever suspected, and the eucaryotic genome can present levels of mutation that, up to now, would not have been considered possible. »

At Fukushima, genomic instability needs to be followed up over generations, starting with grandparents and parents, then the children and grand children. After a year, the damage caused by the mixture of internal and external radiation to children should be measured, by comparison with data from before 2011 in the same areas, or by comparing data with communities further away, that were spared the radioactive fallout. Birthweight, incidence of stillbirth, perinatal mortality up to 28 days, birth deformities (heart problems should be investigated later), and among the genetic diseases, Down’s syndrome, should all be studied. Brain damage with tumours, and developmental retardation which, like decreases in IQ, will become evident at school age. The sex ratio should also be examined, given what we know about Chernobyl, where the deficit in female births is manifested in the absence of thousands of girls from populations in countries close to Chernobyl, and even as far away as Germany, where the deficit was measurable.

Haemotologists and immunologists should study lymphocytes and immunoglobulins, and search for autoantibodies in particular to the endocrine glands, such as the thyroid and the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. These glands can be altered because they tend to accumulate Iodine 131 and then radioactive Caesium.

The statutes of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) oblige the organization to take decisions that are politically imposed upon it. These may be less costly, but they are medically unacceptable. These statutes serve as a reminder that the principle objective of the IAEA, which is a UN agency, is « to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world”.

In order to achieve its objectives, the IAEA cannot admit that these serious and common illnesses were caused by ionising radiation, because once known, it would prevent the development of the nuclear industry throughout the world.

The IAEA is therefore a poor source of advice for national health authorities; it denies the health catastrophe and gives priority to economic considerations; its statutes forbid attributing to, or associating serious illness with, radiation. Incorrect estimates delay the evacuation of communities that have been highly exposed to radiation. It was almost incomprehensible that at Fukushima there was no distribution of stable iodine to the population that would soon be under threat. Such a preventive measure would have been welcomed, as Keith Baverstock showed in Poland after Chernobyl.

The first victims of a serious nuclear accident are and will be children, with an increase in allergies and an aggravation of infectious diseases, which become chronic and involve serious complications. Professor Titov showed that in Belarus, the immune system was profoundly altered after the accident. Both white blood cells and gamma globulins were altered. This needs long term monitoring. Research needs to be done on the autoantibodies directed against beta cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, or against cells in the thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis has the same aetiology as Type 1 diabetes, both of which increased after the nuclear accident. At Chernobyl, this form of diabetes affected younger and younger children. This diabetes did not exhibit the same characteristics as the Type 1 we find in our countries. So it is an illness caused by ionising radiation. Other diseases of the endocrine system affect the sex glands, with problems occurring in young girls at puberty and with male sterility.

In equal doses, external radiation is ten to a hundred times less damaging than chronic internal radiation, which essentially results from the oral absorption of radionuclides. These concentrate in organs like the thymus, the endocrine glands, the spleen, the bone surfaces and the heart.

Bandajevsky showed in autopsies conducted after Chernobyl, that concentrations of Caesium 137 are twice as high in children’s organs than in those of adults, having lived in the same areas. The highest levels measured in tissue were in the pancreas and thymus of new born children and in breast fed infants (Bandazhevsky, SMW 133: p.488-490, 2003).

In order to protect children, we must give complete protection to pregnant women. Children can avoid absorbing radionuclides, if we provide them with uncontaminated food and drink, at home and in school. Taking holidays in uncontaminated areas is also beneficial.

Pectin reduces the absorption of Strontium 90, of radioactive caesium, and of uranium derivatives. It also accelerates the elimination of radionuclides both in faeces and in urine. Bacteria in the colon manage to partly metabolize these long glucide chains, fragments of which can be absorbed; they then mobilize radionuclides in the organism. The food additive, pectin, is considered by scientists at the European Commission research centre at Ispra (Italy) to be very well tolerated and to have no contraindications.

A contaminated organism can be protected also by taking vitamins E and A, as well as carotenoids, that act as antioxidants. Carrots, beetroot and many red fruits contain these substances. Jersey cows produce milk that is very rich in carotenoids and in vitamin A, and is very good for children.

The dosimeters that have been given to children should be replaced by mobile spectrometers which measure the whole body, and these can be transported to schools periodically. These spectrometers measure the caesium 137 load in the body. If the load is above 20 Bq/kg of body weight, contact should be made with the family to eliminate the source of contamination.

Epidemiological and medical problems should be studied and treated from birth right through to puberty by paediatricians, geneticists and immunologists, in the communities that have been contaminated. They should compare the current situation in Fukushima with data from comparable areas that were not contaminated.

What should the authorities be doing ?

More contamination could exacerbate the genetic damage that has already occurred and with advice from geneticists this should be avoided. To reduce internal radiation, which forms 80% of the risk for the inhabitants of the contaminated regions, the industries responsible or the government authorities should provide uncontaminated food.

Where there is contamination of the organism by radionuclides, children should receive cures of chelators that accelerate the elimination of accumulated radionuclides. These are polysaccharides, like pectin from algae, vegetables and fruit.

In the long term, molecules with antimutagenic properties should be researched, selected and developed.

Dr. Michel Fernex
Emeritus Professor, Basel Faculty of Medecine
Former Consultant, World Health Organization


Two Things You Don't Know About Syria (If You Only Read The Mainstream Press)

1) The current events are not some new phenomenon, are not directly tied to the phony "Arab Spring" democratization movement (Saudi Arabia promoting democracy? Are you joking?). In fact this is a flare up of longstanding attempts to overthrow the Syrian government dating back at least to the 1970s. The rebels' modus operandi -- using civilians as human shields, bombing civilian areas, mutilating bodies, cutting arms and legs off of their war prisoners -- is nothing new. What is new is the intensity of US/UK/GCC aid to the rebels which is allowing them to flex their violent instincts more effectively.

2) The Muslim Brotherhood presented as radical Islam's rush to fill the void left by the fall of dictators is likewise a load of propaganda. As Seymour Hersh wrote back in 2007, the Muslim Brotherhood is far from a radical Islamic threat to the US and Israel -- they have been on the payroll the US and Israel for years! As Hersh wrote back then:

"A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, 'The Americans have provided both political and financial support (to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood). The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.'”

Now we have an excellent article by Robert Dreyfuss, a well-known and respected contributing editor for The Nation, explaining in detail the above two points -- the two things that you will not know if you only follow Syria in the mainstream (or even some alternative) media outlets.

Writes Dreyfuss:

"No one outside Syria knows who the rebels are. The outside groups, such as the Syrian National Council and other self-styled spokesmen, have unclear ties to the forces on the ground. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is a major player, both inside and out. And the Muslim Brotherhood has been battling Assad at least since the 1970s, when it carried out a series of assassinations and bombings against the government of Hafez Assad, Bashar Assad's late father. Many quick-study Syria experts point to the brutal put-down of the Brotherhood-led rebellion in Hama in 1982. But the Muslim Brotherhood's war against Assad had long been raging even before that, including a horrific incident in June 1979, when the Muslim Brotherhood gang attacked a military school in Aleppo, Syria, and butchered eighty-three cadets, In November 1981, a massive car bomb linked to Islamist rebels killed 200 people in Damascus. During this period, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria had covert support from Israel and from Israel's agents in Lebanon, including the infamous Major Saad Haddad, a Lebanese military officer recruited as an Israeli pawn in south Lebanon."

To understand the present, it is wise to look to the recent past. Things are not always what they seem. Look for ties, who pays the bills, who pulls the strings. Therein is a clue to the real agenda.


Iskander gets $1.2bln update to counter US missile defense

Russia is allocating $1.2 billion to modernize the weapon that renders the US missile defense in Europe useless. Prime Minister Medvedev says the Russian army must make the Iskander-M its main weapon.

“Iskander-M is certainly one of the most efficient weapons in its class and, in our opinion, is far ahead of foreign analogs,” Medvedev stated at a meeting on the development of Russia’s defense industry. These systems should become the core of the Ground Forces’ missile units, the PM added.

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Medical mystery over discarded embryos: Stem-cell research or illegal abortions?


NATO Shock and Awe Unable to Collapse Syrian State:

UN Attack Resolution Vetoed by Russia and China; Syrians Neutralize Ben Rhodes Video Fakery; Terrorist Bomb Fails To Decapitate Military; Army Mopping up Swarms of Foreign Fanatics in Damascus, Aleppo; Assault on Currency Misfires


US drone strike kills 25 in Somalia

Wed, 01 Aug 2012

A US assassination drone attack has claimed the lives of at least 25 people in eastern Somalia, Press TV reports.

The attack took place in Somalia’s Garas Balley district near the capital Mogadishu, leaving at least another 40 injured.

The unmanned aircraft also destroyed two al-Shabab bases in the area.

“The US has recently stepped up its drone operations in the famine-stricken Somalia.” Washington has been carrying out assassination drone attacks in other countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

“The United Nations has slammed the assassination drone attacks as targeted killings, saying that they pose a challenge to international law.” The country has not had a functioning government since 1991, when warlords overthrew former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre.

Strategically located in the Horn of Africa, the country remains among the ones generating the highest number of refugees and internally-displaced persons in the world.



War On All Fronts

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Russian government has finally caught on that its political opposition is being financed by the US taxpayer-funded National Endowment for Democracy and other CIA/State Department fronts in an attempt to subvert the Russian government and install an American puppet state in the geographically largest country on earth, the one country with a nuclear arsenal sufficient to deter Washington’s aggression.

Just as earlier this year Egypt expelled hundreds of people associated with foreign-funded “non-governmental organizations” (NGOs) for “instilling dissent and meddling in domestic policies,” the Russian Duma (parliament) has just passed a law that Putin is expected to sign that requires political organizations that receive foreign funding to register as foreign agents. The law is based on the US law requiring the registration of foreign agents.

Much of the Russian political opposition consists of foreign-paid agents, and once the law passes leading elements of the Russian political opposition will have to sign in with the Russian Ministry of Justice as foreign agents of Washington. The Itar-Tass News Agency reported on July 3 that there are about 1,000 organizations in Russia that are funded from abroad and engaged in political activity. Try to imagine the outcry if the Russians were funding 1,000 organizations in the US engaged in an effort to turn America into a Russian puppet state. (In the US the Russians would find a lot of competition from Israel.)

The Washington-funded Russian political opposition masquerades behind “human rights” and says it works to “open Russia.” What the disloyal and treasonous Washington-funded Russian “political opposition” means by “open Russia” is to open Russia for brainwashing by Western propaganda, to open Russia to economic plunder by the West, and to open Russia to having its domestic and foreign policies determined by Washington.

“Non-governmental organizations” are very governmental. They have played pivotal roles in both financing and running the various “color revolutions” that have established American puppet states in former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire. NGOs have been called “coup d’etat machines,” and they have served Washington well in this role. They are currently working in Venezuela against Chavez.

Of course, Washington is infuriated that its plans for achieving hegemony over a country too dangerous to attack militarily have been derailed by Russia’s awakening, after two decades, to the threat of being politically subverted by Washington-financed NGOs. Washington requires foreign-funded organizations to register as foreign agents (unless they are Israeli funded). However, this fact doesn’t stop Washington from denouncing the new Russian law as “anti-democratic,” “police state,” blah-blah. Caught with its hand in subversion, Washington calls Putin names. The pity is that most of the brainwashed West will fall for Washington’s lies, and we will hear more about “gangster state Russia.”

China is also in Washington’s crosshairs. China’s rapid rise as an economic power is perceived in Washington as a dire threat. China must be contained. Obama’s US Trade Representative has been secretly negotiating for the last 2 or 3 years a Trans Pacific Partnership, whose purpose is to derail China’s natural economic leadership in its own sphere of influence and replace it with Washington’s leadership.

Washington is also pushing to form new military alliances in Asia and to establish new military bases in the Philippines, S. Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

Washington quickly inserted itself into disputes between China and Vietnam and China and the Philippines. Washington aligned with its former Vietnamese enemy in Vietnam’s dispute with China over the resource rich Paracel and Spratly islands and with the Philippines in its dispute with China over the resource rich Scarborough Shoal.

Thus, like England’s interference in the dispute between Poland and National Socialist Germany over the return to Germany of German territories that were given to Poland as World War I booty, Washington sets the stage for war.

China has been cooperative with Washington, because the offshoring of the US economy to China was an important component in China’s unprecedented high rate of economic development. American capitalists got their short-run profits, and China got the capital and technology to build an economy that in another 2 or 3 years will have surpassed the sinking US economy. Jobs offshoring, mistaken for free trade by free market economists, has built China and destroyed America.

Washington’s growing interference in Chinese affairs has convinced China’s government that military countermeasures are required to neutralize Washington’s announced intentions to build its military presence in China’s sphere of influence. Washington’s view is that only Washington, no one else, has a sphere of influence, and Washington’s sphere of influence is the entire world.

On July 14 China’s official news agency, Xinhua, said that Washington was interfering in Chinese affairs and making China’s disputes with Vietnam and the Philippines impossible to resolve.

It looks as if an over-confident US government is determined to have a three-front war: Syria, Lebanon, and Iran in the Middle East, China in the Far East, and Russia in Europe. This would appear to be an ambitious agenda for a government whose military was unable to occupy Iraq after nine years or to defeat the lightly-armed Taliban after eleven years, and whose economy and those of its NATO puppets are in trouble and decline with corresponding rising internal unrest and loss of confidence in political leadership.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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