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Watch the sky on 1/28/08 and 1/29/08

Asteroid Update: Given the estimated number of near-Earth asteroids of this size (about 7,000 discovered and undiscovered objects), an object of this size would be expected to pass this close to Earth, on average, about every 5 years or so. The average interval between actual Earth impacts for an object of this size would be about 37,000 years. For the January 29th encounter, near Earth asteroid 2007 TU24 has no chance of hitting, or affecting, Earth.
Story: Update from NASA

I dont usually get into NASA , asteroids and such, but I have been kinda watching this story for a couple of months. I Hope there is not an actual problem here. Just thought I would share this information with you.Click here and check out the trajectories at NASA for yourself

Asteroid 2007 TU24 has NASA concerned. A former colleague of mine is now a contract worker for NASA who develops and maintains the software applications for the Solar System Dynamic simulator and other NASA applications. He called me last night to inform me that NASA has there full focus and attention on this asteroid. All software applications support staff have been directed to devote their time specifically to running solutions on this Near Earth Object. They are running solutions with different inputs and the results are so close to direct impact that NASA has decided not to update the online simulator with these results. When you look at the current solution online the last orbit determination parameter is from January 1, 2008. This data is 11 days old. Story