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Our Troops And Veterans

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6000 Veterans Commited Suicide Last Year.
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If President Obama wants to better understand why America's discomfort with end-of-life discussions threatens to derail his health-care reform, he might begin with his own Department of Veterans Affairs

Federal Appeals Court Ruling that Could Affect A Large Number of Veterans
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Our real enemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don't understand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable, the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable, the Insurance Companies who deny us Health care when it's profitable, the Banks who take away our homes when it's profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. They are right here in front of us
- Mike Prysner (video below)

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A call to U.S. Army Central Command in Tampa, Fla., last week yielded no news on the status of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl


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Vietnam - Agent Orange, the use of chemical weapons by the USA

Monsanto's Agent Orange:
The Persistent Ghost from the Vietnam War

Meryl Nass, MD

The Issue That Wont Go Away

"TCDD (dioxin) has been shown to be extremely toxic to a number of
animal species. Mortality does not occur immediately.it appears that
the animals' environment suddenly becomes toxic to them."

Casarett and Doull's Toxicology, 1996

From 1962 to 1970, the US military sprayed 72 million liters of
herbicides, mostly Agent Orange, in Vietnam. Over one million
Vietnamese were exposed to the spraying, as well as over 100,000
Americans and allied troops. Dr. James Clary, a scientist at the
Chemical Weapons Branch, Eglin Air Force Base, who designed the
herbicide spray tank and wrote a 1979 report on Operation Ranch Hand
(the name of the spraying program), told Senator Daschle in 1988,

"When we (military scientists) initiated the herbicide program in the
1960s, we were aware of the potential for damage due to dioxin
contamination in the herbicide. We were even aware that the 'military'
formulation had a higher dioxin concentration than the 'civilian'
version due to the lower cost and speed of manufacture. However,
because the material was to be used on the 'enemy,' none of us were
overly concerned. We never considered a scenario in which our own
personnel would become contaminated with the herbicide."

quoted by Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, 1990

What Did We Know About Dioxin, and When Did We Know It?

The first reported industrial dioxin poisoning occurred in Nitro, West
Virginia in 1949. The exposed workers complained of rash, nausea,
headaches, muscle aches, fatigue and emotional instability. A 1953
accident elsewhere resulted in peripheral neuropathies.

A 1969 report commissioned by the USDA found Agent Orange showed a
"significant potential to increase birth defects." The same year, the
NIH confirmed that it caused malformations and stillbirths in mice. In
1970, the US Surgeon General warned it might be hazardous to "our
health." The same day, the Secretaries of the Departments of
Agriculture, the Interior, and HEW jointly announced the suspension of
its use around lakes, recreation areas, homes and crops intended for
human consumption. DOD simultaneously announced its suspension of all
uses of Agent Orange.

When dioxin contaminated material spread on a Missouri farm in 1971,
hundreds of birds, 11 cats, 4 dogs and 43 horses died.

In 1978 the EPA suspended spraying Agent Orange in national forests,
due to increases in miscarriages in women living near forests that had
been sprayed.

A 1979 study published in the JAMA by Bogen et al looked at 78 Vietnam
veterans who reported Agent Orange exposures. Eighty percent reported
extreme fatigue. Over 60% had peripheral neuropathies, 73% had
depression, and 8% had attempted suicide. Forty-five per cent reported
violent rages. Sudden lapses of memory were seen in 21%.

A 1981 study by Pazderova et al. found one half of 80 exposed workers
had metabolic disturbances, 23% peripheral neuropathies, and the
majority, psychiatric changes, primarily depression and fatigue.

In 1979, 47 railroad workers were exposed to PCBs including dioxin in
Missouri when cleaning up a spillage from a damaged tank car that had
been filled with these chemicals. All were followed medically for six
years. Their initial complaints included fatigue and muscle aches. Two
committed suicide. Careful evaluations at Rush-Presbyterian Hospital,
in Chicago, confirmed peripheral neuropathies (in 96%), depression
(69%), tremors (78%), abnormal fatigue (91%), and muscle aches or
cramp (51%). Half had cognitive problems, including problems with
attention and concentration (50%) and slowed reaction times.

These studies are all consistent with each other, and describe a very
significant, multi-system illness affecting all parts of the nervous
system, and causing fatigue and muscle aches. Some of the studies
documented additional organ dysfunction. This syndrome could be very

What Did It Take to Forget What We Knew?

By 1983, 9170 veterans had filed claims for disabilities that they
said were caused by Agent Orange. The VA denied compensation to 7709,
saying that a facial rash was the only disease associated with

Congress passed the Veterans' Dioxin and Radiation Exposure
Compensation Standards Act of 1984 in response. It required the VA to
appoint a 'Veterans' Advisory Committee on Environmental Hazards' to
review the literature on dioxin and submit recommendations to the head
of the VA.

According to Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, "The VA.directly contradicted its
own established practice, promulgating instead the more stringent
requirement that compensation depends on establishing a cause and
effect relationship," improperly denying the bulk of the claims.

Four groups of impartial scientists were asked by Zumwalt to review
the Advisory Committee transcripts. Their comments are telling, and
include the following:

"The work of the Advisory Committee.has little or no scientific

".an inadequate process is being used to evaluate scientific
publications for use in public policy."

".less than objective."

Unfortunately, the flawed scientific reviews didn't end with the VA
committee. The CDC was brought in to add weight to the bogus analysis
of dioxin's effects. After 4 years and $63 million in federal funds,
CDC concluded that an Agent Orange study could not be done based on
military records, and furthermore concluded, without data, that
veterans were never exposed to harmful doses of Agent Orange!

When the CDC's protocols were examined, however, it was found that
three changes had been made to its study in 1985, in an apparent
attempt to dilute any negative effect that might be found. Congress
learned in 1986 that administration officials, not scientists, had
forestalled CDC research on the effects of dioxin.

In 1990, Senator Daschle disclosed additional political interference
in the Air Force's Ranch Hand study of Agent Orange effects. A 1984
draft report's conclusion was substantially altered, and the study was
described as "reassuring."

The Ranch Hand study is still ongoing, despite new allegations of
fraudulent methodologies coming to light every few years. It will cost
taxpayers over $100 million.

Monsanto, a manufacturer of Agent Orange, was happy to duplicate the
methods of federally funded studies. By omitting five deaths in the
exposed group and putting four exposed workers in the control group,
they were able to hide a 65% higher death rate in the workers exposed
at the Nitro plant. Another study of workers exposed in 1953 at a BASF
plant was also shown to be falsified, as all the data had been
supplied by the BASF company.

Thanks to the efforts of Admiral Zumwalt, who as the commanding Navy
Admiral in Vietnam was responsible for some of the spraying, and whose
son died from lymphoma, probably as a result of dioxin exposure, many
more illnesses were finally linked to Agent Orange, and have been made
service-connectable over the past decade.

But Zumwalt did not succeed at clearing the air regarding dioxin's
actual toxicity, nor did he stop further scientific shenanigans
carried out by government and industry to hide the toxic effects of
other products, especially those to which our servicemen and women are

In April 2000, the National Institute for Environmental Health
Sciences tried to release a report listing dioxin as a carcinogen, but
it was blocked by a lawsuit filed by an industry group. NIEHS had
tried to list dioxin as a carcinogen in 1991, but was not allowed to
do so then. John Bucher, deputy director of the NIEHS, says, "Dioxin
tends to increase the likelihood of all types of cancers" while
industry representatives continue to claim there is insufficient
evidence to link dioxin to health problems.

Ellen Silbergeld, a University of Maryland toxicologist, responded, "I
think the public should be mad as hell about the [dioxin review]
process and the way it's been abused."

Agent Orange: 2002

US and Vietnamese government scientists and international experts met
last week in Hanoi to discuss the effects of the "last significant
ghost" of the Vietnam War: Agent Orange.

Vietnam wants US help performing research and obtaining compensation.
It blames Agent Orange for tens of thousands of birth defects. The US
and Vietnam did sign an agreement during the meeting to carry out
joint research studies. But US ambassador Raymond Burghardt noted that
developing research studies "that are definitive and address the
underlying causes of disease in Vietnam" will be a "difficult task."

Reporting on the conference, Reuters pointed out, "Observers say
conclusive research could have far-reaching and expensive consequences
in terms of compensation claims for the US and Agent Orange makers,
Dow Chemical and Monsanto."

However, the US seems to think it has an ace in the hole. The US
embassy made clear, at the time of the conference, that "US-Vietnam
relations were normalized in 1995 after Vietnam dropped claims of war
reparations/compensation. At the time of normalization, neither
compensation nor reparations were granted or contemplated for the

And, anyway, the US government has a fallback position. "Washington
argues there is no hard evidence showing the defoliant caused specific
illness," Reuters reported last week. And US government scientists
chimed in that any linkages to birth defects "would take many more
years to prove."

The well-documented story of dioxin and scientific perfidy provide a
guidepost for how to assess government-sponsored research, advisory
committees, and regulatory decisions that impact on the health effects
of toxic exposures, especially when the government may be liable for

"Those Who Cannot Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It"

--George Santayana

Recommended Reading

Zumwalt ER. Report to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans'
Affairs on the association between adverse health effects and exposure
to Agent Orange. DVA Report, 1990.

Echobichon DJ. Toxic Effects of Pesticides, in Casarett and Doull's
Toxicology. Klaassen CD ed, McGraw-Hill, NY. 1996.

Klawans HL et al. Neurologic problems following exposure to TCDD,
dioxin. In Neurotoxins and their pharmacological implications, ed.
Jenner P, 1987. Raven Press, NY.

Welch, Craig. Dioxin debate growing hotter. Seattle Times May 29, 2000

Agent Orange help needed now, Vietnam Red Cross says. Reuters, March
5, 2002.

Brunnstrom, David. Hanoi meeting probes "last ghost" of Vietnam War.
Reuters, March 3, 2002.


Thesis:  Agent Orange, Dioxins, Veterans
by Deanna Feist  

  To everyone on the AO Vets list:
I finally finished my senior thesis and I wanted to share it with you all.  I want you all to know how thankful I am to have met such extraordinary people.  I love y all and hope this paper does you all justice.  I hope I have represented you well.  Keep in mind this is for sociology so there is some theory I had to throw in that I wouldn't have otherwise.  I will continue to be a part of all the efforts to change current AO problems.

This is for Col. Guy, my father and all of you!


Encyclopedia Britannica defines Agent Orange as a defoliant, a mixture of herbicides that U.S. military forces sprayed in the Vietnam War from the years 1962-1971.  This was done for two reasons: to defoliate the forests in order for enemy troops to be more easily seen, and to destroy the crops that fed the enemy.

Approximately 18 million gallons of Agent Orange (AO), which contained dioxin, a substance known to cause cancer, were dumped.  This powerful defoliating dioxin was manufactured by Dow Chemical.  The term Agent Orange is also used to describe a large number of illnesses caused by the dioxin.  Throughout the course of my research, I found a shocking range of illnesses, ranging from:  Chloracne, Hodgkins Disease, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, acute subacute peripheral neuropathy, multiple myeloma (cancer of the immune system), prostate cancer, Porphyria cutanea tarda, respiratory cancers, spina bifida, diabetes, high rates of miscarriages, severe learning disabilities in children, several skin disorders, and the list goes on (Richard Tucker).

At the onset of my research, I hypothesized that veterans and their families affected by AO would report their feelings toward their disease and the government.  Furthermore, that the veterans and their families would not be satisfied with what the government has done in terms of compensation, information, and responsibility.  I more than proved this hypothesis to be true as I surveyed thirty AO vets and their families.  The method I used involved signing up for an AO Vets List, a Web Ring of AO vets and their families.  This web ring consisted of Veterans suffering from AO illnesses and people just wanting to know more about AO.  Through this vets list I networked my way into many AO Vets and their families and became aware of the frustrations these veterans have faced, both in battling their illnesses and battling the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the agency responsible for treatment and compensation of the Veterans.

My research is centered around Karl Marx' conflict theory focusing on the theory of collective action in bringing about change.  Those in power, according to Marx, use the system to their interest and profit and in turn exploit the workers, in this case, the soldiers.  In the case of the Veterans, the Veterans Administration is the main power structure they deal with.  Within the bureaucratic structure of the Veterans Administration are the people that have the power to diagnose, treat, and grant the veteran compensation for their illnesses.

According to the conflict theory, there are continuous dynamic forces that result in balance or imbalance in society.  The power structure extends beyond the VA into the government bureaucracy, which includes lawmakers, various other agencies, and the court system.  The veterans and their families must meander through these various power structures in order to gain treatment and compensation.

It can be looked at as a very basic level, which is, the individual against the larger entity, which has experience in paper shuffling and large case loads.  Within the bureaucracy the veteran can be reduced to only a number and therefore has a less human quality to him, making it easier to dehumanize and deny claims.  According to Marx, the only way to break the power hold of the ruling class is through collective action.  If AO Vets and their families can rally the public and awareness and support, there could be policy changes in favor of the Veterans.  Throughout this essay, I will explain why it is in the power structure's best interests NOT to take responsibility for AO related illnesses and what this means for the Veteran and their families.

In my research, I have had many direct correspondences with AO Veterans and had the opportunity to be an outside observer of the flow of e-mails I followed on a daily basis via the Web Ring.  I designed a survey and distributed it to the Web Ring and to individuals I met through the Web Ring.  The survey I used consisted of thirteen questions designed to show the Veteran's illness, the compensation (if any) they received, and their level of satisfaction with the Veterans Administration.

Of the aforementioned diseases, various cancers and Peripheral Neuropathy seemed to be the most frequently occurring illnesses of the AO Vets.  Peripheral Neuropathy is a severe problem for many of the veterans.  The information I was most surprised to learn was the high occurrence of birth defects in the children of the veterans.  These defects ranged from learning disorders, spina bifida, high rates of miscarriage, and abnormal physical deformities.  I learned of children developing tumors at young ages, not being able to have children themselves, and having severe skin diseases, allergies, and asthma.  Combine the problems of the children with the problems of the vets and one can only imagine the difficulty faced.

Many veterans and their families fall into these disease categories but it does not mean that they will be compensated by the Veterans Administration.  Once a veteran discovers a disease the process of filing paperwork begins.  For many veterans, this process can drag on for years.  Often a veteran dies before the Veterans Administration approves any compensation, at which point the family is left with nothing.  One veteran stated, "It's like there are two parts to the Veterans Administration.  One is the medical branch, the other is the administration.  The doctors WILL diagnose and give you treatment:  BUT, getting the administration to approve any compensation is the hard part, even when the doctors are sitting there and telling them you are disabled."

This is much to common a scenario expressed by the veterans I surveyed.  The VA has a list of diseases deemed to cover or not cover for compensation.  On this list there are seven types of cancer that fall under Title 28, the law under which the VA operates (Margowski).  One of those cancers, Soft-Tissue Sarcoma includes twenty-three sub types of cancer.  The problem is that there are new diseases showing up in Vietnam Veterans every day that are not recognized by the VA as caused by AO.  One example of this is diabetes, which the VA does not recognize.  For many veterans there is no other explanation for their illness than dioxin exposure.

They have no family history of cancer, birth defects, nerve disease, respiratory, or skin problems, yet, they have these diseases at young ages.  An example of how the VA has denied compensation for veterans is in the case of Peripheral Neuropath.  This illness was not added to the list of diseases to be compensated until 1995.  In order for a claim to be approved, the veteran has to file with one year of contact, one year of discharge, or one year on retirement.  It is not uncommon for the veteran and doctors to miss the small window in which the victim must be diagnosed.  By missing the proper time structure the vet ultimately is not compensated, yet the disease manifests.  Many illnesses caused by AO do not show up until thirty years after exposure.

A serious problem for veterans and their families is facing the AO illnesses, which often involve painful treatments, such as chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, radiation, transfusions, surgery, infection, and all this combined with trying to get their paperwork settled with the VA.  According to one veteran, "If a vet does not obtain 100% disability rating for AO related cancer before he dies, his family gets nothing.  So many guys die and don't have the foggiest idea that their cancer is AO related... There is NO treatment provided for AO UNTIL you get cancer."  This veteran also went on to say there should be preventive maintenance programs for veterans to help prolong life instead of waiting for illness to begin.  The number of deaths from AO has surpassed the number of deaths in the Vietnam War!

To me, that number is overwhelmingly high and makes a clear statement as to the incredibly large number of men and women dying from AO-related illnesses.  I am sad to say that two days ago, a highly respect veteran and member of the Web Ring passed away.  He was informed six months earlier he had leukemia.  His cancer could only be explained by his exposure to AO and he was not compensated.

The number of veterans dying from dioxin poisoning is relatively unknown to the average American, which is how the VA and the government would like it to stay.  If more veterans and their families knew of the magnitude of illnesses linked to AO, the more claims would be filed, and subsequently the more lawsuits for lack of compensation would be filed.  The act of endangering U.S. soldiers is a war crime in which the government is trying very hard to ignore, YET, the AO veterans and their families are sick and dying, nonetheless.

I would now like to discuss the way in which the government has researched AO.  The primary study conducted by the government in determining the effects of AO on veterans is called the Ranch Hand Study.  This study has come under heavy criticism for its methods and content.  The San Diego Tribune conducted a six month study of the Ranch Hand Study and in an article published on November 1, 1998, stated the U.S. military's $200 million dollar study is so flawed it is useless.  There are a number of reasons the study is flawed.

The first reason is that the study is based on members of the Air Force personnel who dropped the dioxin AO.  These people, in most cases, were not in direct contact with the dioxin the way ground troops were.  Secondly, the Air Force was conducting a study in which they are the ones they are investigating, despite recommendations by the National Institute of Health to have an outside agency conduct the study.  Any good researcher knows there is a breech of ethics and a conflict of interest when the organization under investigation is the same organization conducting the investigation.

It has surfaced that several of the reports have been doctored and patently altered so as to be deemed useless.  Records which have been used in AO litigation by the Air Force were fraudulent and deceptive (Levin).  Information on birth defects was altered, as well as the rate of the incidence of cancer among veterans.   The Air Force also resisted attempts by lawmakers to get the data fully disclosed.  Despite these flaws, the Ranch Hand Study has been the key element in denying health benefits to veterans.

On February 11, 1999, U.S. District Judge Thelton E. Henderson ruled "that the VA demanded an illegally high standard of scientific proof in reaching the conclusion that there is no link between AO exposure and all diseases other than minor skin condition."  The court directed the VA to re-evaluate their scientific standard of proof and awarded the 6,000 VA claimants compensation or death benefits.  This ruling is a step in the right direction BUT is a far cry from fully recognizing and addressing many diseases.

If you ask one of the bureaucrats working for the VA whether or not a sick veteran was exposed to AO, you may get mixed answers and many questions as to whether the veteran was exposed to the dioxin.  The veteran would be expected to come up with proof of locations in which they served and the VA would try to determine if the veteran had any contact with the dioxin.

If you ask a sick veteran whether or not they were exposed to the AO dioxin you would get a definitive answer:  Yes, all who were there were exposed.  The dioxin found its way into the rivers the soldiers crossed, the water they drank, the food they ingested and into the soil they walked on.  Walking through the jungle, the soldier could become completely soaking wet on a day it wasn't raining.  This of course was caused by the millions of gallons of dioxin being dumped into the jungle.

Animals could be seen falling out of trees, dead from their inability to cope with the dioxin.  In humans, the effects were not as instant and for many, have taken thirty years to manifest.  In my survey of thirty AO veterans, I found that 100% of them believed their illness is caused by AO.  Some of the veterans were receiving compensation for their illnesses.  On average, I found that veterans were receiving 24% disability or compensation for their illness.  It is extremely difficult to come up with an average for disability pay because they range from nothing at all to 100% disabled.  This also does not take into account the number of veterans that have passed away without receiving payment.

No amount of money can replace a life but for many wives and children of veterans, this money is all they have.  Furthermore, when you consider that many of the children of AO veterans have disabilities themselves, that may require extra finances to treat and the amount of compensation, if any, in dollar amounts, is even lower.

I also wanted to look at the level of satisfaction the veterans had with the Veterans Administration.  I wanted to determine if problems in getting compensation for illnesses were common or rare.  I wanted to learn whether the veterans had problems filing paperwork, coming up with records, and getting results in a timely fashion.  Of the 100% of veterans I surveyed, all of them said they were dissatisfied with the service they received from the VA.  According to most, it was extremely difficult to get the paperwork filed and the length of time waiting for a claim to process was excessive.  In one case, a veteran's wife was trying to get her husband's Soft Tissue Sarcoma compensated.

The cancer was diagnosed by a MD as an AO related disease.  After months of waiting for a response on her claim, she finally spoke with a VA employee.  She explained that her husband had only a few months to live and wondered what would happen if the claim didn't get processed by then.  The employee told her the VA would then pay for the funeral.  This would mean the family would be left with nothing.

This kind of stalling was consistent for most veterans I spoke with.  If a legitimate claim was denied, sometimes the veteran would appeal.  Then it would involve another long, drawn-out process which can even go into civil court.  Bear in mind that this is all happening to a person who is sick and in poor physical condition with high stress and anxiety over the welfare of him and his family!

In situations like I described above, and probably most veteran cases, there should be an organization to handle their claims in a prompt manner and, like Judge Henderson stated, the level of proof in order to be awarded compensation, should be reasonable.  The current structure of the VA does not provide this to our veterans.  The current structure of the VA DOES, HOWEVER, SERVE TO FAVOR THE GOVERNMENT because many veterans die before the paperwork is complete, leaving many families without benefits.  THIS IS TO THE FINANCIAL GAIN OF THE POWER STRUCTURE!

Throughout the course of my research I came across the problem of objectivity.  I spent months getting to know the individuals active in the Web Ring and came across many amazing individuals fighting the hardest fight of their lives.  It is very difficult to hear the stories of heroes who served for their country and keep an objective viewpoint.  I became very emotional at times, such as when a well-respected veteran passed away.  In all, I remained objective, with moments of subjective emotion.  Listening to the pain so many families are facing in dealing with their illnesses does make it difficult to understand, as a researcher, why there is not more help available for these veterans?  Many feel the government is simply waiting for them to die so the problems will go away!  This is happening to all too many families!

Another dilemma I had in putting my research together was in trying to quantify data that is really difficult to quantify.  It is difficult to come up with a round number for the benefits being collected or not collected.  For many there is no compensation and for some it is for an illness not related to AO, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Yet, the veteran suffers from AO as well.  That became extremely difficult to sort through.

In my evaluation of my study, I feel it is an extremely important and timely topic in which I received sad results.  Agent Orange was something that I knew about, but just barely.  After all my interviews, surveys, and research I learned that this country has a HUGE problem that is seemingly NOT KNOWN to many, if not most Americans.  The rate of incidence of cancer and other diseases among Vietnam Veterans is at least five times greater than the rate for the average person.  There are strong correlation's between the veterans' diseases and their exposure to AO.

The Air Force, thus far, has concluded that veterans have higher incidence of cancer and birth defects among their children but say it is not due to Agent Orange.  In my opinion, there is no other explanation!  When such high numbers of men and women are sick and dying of similar illnesses and the only commonality among them is their service in Vietnam, the explanation of dioxin exposure cannot be overlooked as the cause.  There simply has not been responsibility taken for the act of endangering lives of U.S. soldiers.

Dow Chemical wants to blame the government because they dropped the dioxin. The government simply does not want to admit that YES, they used dioxin, a cancer-causing substance, on soldiers, and YES, it is causing cancer.  It WAS NOT properly researched in the first place and now veterans are paying for that WITH THEIR LIVES! 

I wonder how many lives must be lost before changes are made?   Changes must be made in the VA!  One internal problem in the VA is the obvious understaffing!  When claims take literally six months or more to be processed, it is not hard to see there is obviously either not enough staff on hand to deal with the growing number of sick veterans.

I have mentioned that the court ruled the VA demands an unreasonable amount of proof in granting benefits to the veteran.  This must be legally changed!  The very foundation in which the VA bases their decision to compensate veterans is the Ranch Hand Study.  I have shown that study to be extremely flawed, yet this continues to be what the VA uses to base their claims on.  The courts need to step in, since our lawmakers are not and provide the veterans with the necessary relief they deserve.

As a member of the AO Veterans Web Ring, I have learned the very definition for patriotic Americans.  The men and women members were extremely active on diverse issues in this country.  Often I would learn the daily news on my e-mail before I had the chance to read the paper.  The theory of collective action is widely used by the veterans.  They are uniting together and trying to inform anyone who will listen, to help change current policy.

These men and women have been wounded--by the lawmakers and the VA, yet, they push for changes and they do it democratically.  They have the name and phone numbers of their Senators and members of Congress and they correspond on a regular basis, lobbying for change and recognition in AO-related issues and other issues.  Unfortunately, change is coming too slow for too many veterans and their families.  They are having to fight tooth and nail to be heard by their state and federal representatives.  They don't give up, even on days when they are really sick.

I learned what it is like, to be an American, by listening to these veterans.  I only hope this thesis and/or study has helped to open some eyes for those who are in the dark about the REAL PAIN our Vietnam Vets and their families are experiencing, BECAUSE OF APATHY, GREED, AND WHATEVER!


NOTE:  I think perhaps the best way to sum this whole thing up is to remember what happened on the CROSS:  "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"     - Gary King

Betraying allies and POWs: U.S. presidential advisor Henry Kissinger and Hanoi's Le Duc Tho smile broadly at the Paris "peace summit" in January 1973. Their agreement, which Kissinger claimed would bring "peace with honor," consigned millions of Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians to slaughter and brutal oppression, and left hundreds of American POWs to rot in Communist prisons.


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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

This is an email to me from a visitor to this website, please read this, it could change your life and if you have a chance check out her stained glass website .

From Kim Fowler:

Kim Fowler Stained Glass .com

I hate the way they get away with everything, even tho the truth is exposed, they just go on there merry little way. Now the reason I am writing is because I was reading the Agent Orange page, if you go to my website and click on my heath and scroll down, there is something written by someone with agent orange. This product would be really good for them as it easily removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, it is easy to take, just drops on the tongue and they don’t need to fast.

This is the comment on Kims website from a Vet exposed to Agent Orange and his experience with Zeolite. This is not just for exposure to Agent orange it would be beneficial to everyone! The link below will take you to Kims web site to learn more.While your there you should check out Kims site !

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Hi John, How are you doing? I just want to let you know that I was told to take my “Your Health” page down for a while, as it hasn’t been approved in Australia, (the product ncd cellular defense....zeolites) It is approved in the USA but they are going through the process of approving here. So until it is approved I am not allowed to let people know about it. So you will have a broken link on your site. I have had a couple of people come to my site through your article. Maybe if you are in control of it, maybe you can tell people they can email me, if they are interested. (Your allowed to post about it, as you are in the US.) Sorry about this, but I as soon as it is passed here I will tell you when you can link to that page if that is OK? Take care and

Hi Kim
Thanks for contacting me about the link. I will take it off and add your message and email.When you get a chance check out this link http://thetruthnews.info/nutricide.pdf it is about the Codex Alimentarius not many know about this, it is an outrage here in the US. They haven't done this here yet but are trying. Please email me back and let me know if it is ok to put your message and email on the website. Thnx and best wishes to you John.

Here's Kims email if you would like to contact her about Zeolite kimnjas@optusnet.com.au


Don K. Florida

I took some licquid zeolite at 4 pm. When I woke up the next morning, I had a mental clarity that I have never had before, and I still have it. I was exposed to Agent Orange about 30 years ago.
Two nights later, I had a horrible taste in my mouth. The next morning, I noticed the tumor that was in my mouth for about four years was gone. A brown recluse spider bit me between the toes 37 years ago. It left an ulcer like a cold sore that never healed, and I have had athlete's food and other infections around it. On the fourth day, my foot started to itch, and when I looked at it I noticed the ulcer was gone.....
Then a herpes cold sore started to form. It never actually went all the way, but went away after that I noticed that the constant tension that I always had in my lip was also gone. I have been exposed to stress since then that normally would bring on a cold sore, and no more have formed.
For years, I felt like something was wrong with my body. I no longer have that feeling. Instead I have an overall feeling of health. This stuff really works.

Here is a link to purchace Zeolite

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