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Index for the site navigation bar on the left! If you are looking for the truth you have come to the right site, all the tools are here. Please read the Government documents and operations on the Truth library page. That will give you a clear idea what we are dealing with. We are on the way to losing our country so I made this site to help inform the uninformed and also to inform the informed.

If you find anything on this website that can be verified as not true please let me know and it Will be removed

Page 1. Home= Latest news, Join the mailing list for latest info, Poll,Interesting information of importance.

Page 2. War news= Latest war news, Mosaic Intelligence Report,Iraq for sale movie a must see,Russia and china Head lines Interesting information of importance.

Page 3. The Truth Library=Government documents,operations,experiments,movies,Oklahoma city bombing,poll.

Page 4. Past News= Poll,Mosaic: World News From The Middle East,Latin Pulse/Pulso Latino and more latest news.

Page 5. Depleted Uranium Weapons Issue.

Page 6. Mystery, Death of Politicians and Scientist, Vaccine, Monsanto, Genetics, GM food, Autism and much more.

Page 7.White House Garbage Can= The things that make America... Thrown in the garbage.

Page 8. Quotes= Good Quotes.

Page 9. Strange things= Exotic Weapons, Mind control, chem trails, micro chips, signs and much more.

Page 10.The Pentagon mystery Photos movie .

Page 11.=.911 issue, info, movies and Photos a library of 911 truth and investigation.

Page 12.= News archives,all news ends up here (UPDATED OFTEN).

Page 13.=Flight 93 Photos and info.

Page 14.=Military, Halliburton,Veterans issues

Page 15. Links page

Page 16. =NAU, NAFTA, Illegal immigration,Info and Movies

Page 17. = Taxes and Money, movies, info and truth( a must study)

Page 18.= My Writings and Rants, please leave a comment and give me your opinion.

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World Trade Center building 7.Remember no plane hit this building!