Walter Reed Closing It’s Doors

by John Vodila

Walter Reed shuts down after 102 years this Sept. 15 2011

The military hospital that opened on May 1, 1909 is closing due to budget cuts in accordance with the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act, most of the staff will be moving to nearby Bethesda, Md at the National Naval Medical Center.

Col. Norvell Coots, commander of the Walter Reed Health Care System, said in a statement.

“But for the people who make Walter Reed the magical place that it is, this will be an emotional closure as we shut down this campus after more than 102 years of service to the nation.”

Army Secretary John McHugh said Walter Reed is not about bricks and mortar, but about “spirit, hope and compassion” that will continue after the hospital closes.
He said-

“These doors may close, the address may change, but the name, the legacy and most importantly the work and the healing will endure.”

Before we get all teary-eyed let us not forget hospital officials knew of neglect and this institution is surounded by controversy and known for terrrible living conditions (mice and roaches), bureaucracy BS, red tape and named a second hell for injured Vets, let’s hope this transition is for the better. After some of the reports over the years I believe it could only be better but in an empire going bankrupt who knows; I won’t hold my breath but keep my fingers crossed.

In a report by wounded veteran Brady van Engelen titled “Walter Reed Is a Second Hell for Injured Vets” he said-

I came back to Walter Reed and survived a different kind of hell.

Walter Reed has been the quintessential campaign stop/photo-op for countless elected officials since the start of our wars. They have already seen this first hand and have chosen to ignore it.

Support Our Vets by knowing the truth and not just falling for the everyday main stream media ra-ra everything is wonderful BS, because it’s not. War and everything about it is ugly; as they say ‘you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig’ and having your guts, brains and limbs blown from you, well there’s nothing ‘magical’ about that.

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