1. kazim shah

    the murder of righteousness will continue to escalate until its stench will render the humanity impotent. the hand of God will then shove these untouchable polluters into hell and seal it for good

  2. Thanks T! I agree we need to bring these people to trial, it is high time for accountability; there has been none and these people are getting away with murder. The question is who’s next on the list and when are the majority going to stop listening to the very ones and looking to the very ones that are getting away with murder and ruining everyones lives to solve their problems.
    Now they’re assassinating old men, Quadaffi was 69 years old; who’s next Castro?Venezuelan Hugo Chavez? now it’s OK for America to have a hit list? America; it’s going to come back and bite us in the rump BIG TIME!!! As the late great Chalmers Johnson said BLOW-BACK and it’s coming!!!

  3. This is a masterpiece of the known facts, people I know in the region have been saying just this for some weeks, thank you John this is a must read for every right minded thinking person today, next step is to bring people like Mrs Clinton to trial for war crimes on a massive scale.

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