1. “…this status never last forever just as past nations such as Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Britain one day the United States will lose it too, and when this happens I believe it will be China to hold the world ransom next, when this comes to pass there will be a rude awakening for us here especially in the U.S.”

    The point here is that U.S. actively strives, before it has its cornflakes in the mornings, to assert its bully presence in the world. The Iraq War was about nothing other than this. The same for the regular invasions, such as in Latin American countries, or the prising of Israel to keep down Palestine.

    This should all tell you that neither China nor Russia (which I think does and can have ambitions in secret) are going to be allowed to fill the position the U.S.A. is in now and other colonial master nations were in in the past. There would be an all out, world defeating world war before that would happen.

    Therefore, your suggesting the temporal nature of the global head or bully does seem to predict that such a devastating world war, dwarfing previous world wars, may be somewhat unavoidable. Unless the will to peace prevails. Who knows, the UN could work out in the end.

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