1. towtruck

    There is a very simple solution to this mess and that is for every American with a conscience to boycott the gas pumps and anything else we don’t absolutely have to have. Then in thiry days this entire situation would be cleaned up. No money, no fun for the malignant sociopaths. But you and I know it will never happen, Americans will continue blissfully down the path to utter destruction. And then wonder why it happened!

  2. Pavlov's Bitch

    At first blush, please include the culprits, the not so hidden hands at work in the formation of USA Corp. indellibly branded into American history. It is the enemy of humanity who skews American with the corporate parasite, US Corp. Inc.

    It’s the Brit-ISH, meaning the Brith, those of the damned covenants, the ‘jews’. The British Establishment’s Fed Res wires stolen American money direct to HM Treasury in City of London and they wire funds stolen from what was the ‘common wealth’ back to EU and Vatican. Where does it go from there? Wherever they damn well please as per examples cited in the article.

    Of course, USA Corp pays the British whore Israel – it’s bastard offspring. UK Corp shapes the policies and implements the ‘laws’ which satisfy jewISH shareholder profits and bloodlusts.

    Cuo Bono?

    I’m watching an interesting upload of Hobsbawns’ speech. The video: A Voice of Jewish Evil – You Tube where he talks on the Russian Revolution and the plan to edit history into a homogeonised pro-Jew version. Without the Russian ‘revolution’, WW1 and WW2 would not have come to pass. Without the jewNapoleonic wars, the Boer War and others.

    Without the jewJesuit order and the corporate East and West India Companies, global slavery would have been thwarted, delayed or abandoned and without the Vatican being set up via ‘Christianity’ this too, may not have come to pass.

    Prior to the ‘zero point’ BCE, it was the Hyksos infiltrating Egyptian dynasty (more jews) which spawned Empire via jewish sorcery, slavery, mind control and it is these Pharoenic lines which dominate the lands today.

    All phases in a long term, far reaching strategy for global dominance. With the purpose of full spectrum enslavement of the souls/minds of humanity via TranshumanISM.

    In truth there was only ever One World War in phases over thousands of years and that is THEM against all others. We cannot calculate how many have been murdered by these Talmudists and their ‘Book of Law’.

    It’s high time to stop pussyfooting around with vague terms like the ‘fluffy’ sociopathic label, akin to calling bloodlust CommuNazism ‘Socialism’ – time to call a spade a spade. By design or nature, they are one and the same thing: JewISH psychopathic maniacs who will stop at nothing to destroy humanity and end history forever.

    Americans’ history is European, the war against them and us all is planned from here, instructed from here, in the belly of the beast, City of London/Crown Estates and all their cancerous cells. There are the jewsual culprits demoralising and Be-Little-ing Americans through false patriotic fronts and I hope this is not one of them.

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