1. Straight Street

    This health care reform is just another way the gov’t will use to take more of our money. We will all be paying for illegal’s health care, that ‘they’ (businesses) don’t want to pay for. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more money to give, even if we want to. Notice those of use being forclosed on!!! Give me a break! They have already proven they are dishonest and just want to take more and more and more. Enough already!

  2. kim

    Medicine should not be for profit. We should want to help our sick people. The whole idea we can’t afford to care for our sick has come out of the insurance system that puts a price on everything. Who puts a price on life? The guy making a profit from it.

    The argument not being made for single payer is that humans care for each other. Take out the profit because we are talking about LIFE. Every single human on the earth deserves help, but every single human on earth should want to help the sick person. Where but for the grace of God go I. That’s compassion. That’s love. That’s certainly what Jesus would do. That’s why we have doctors in the first place–because we don’t put our sick on the side of the road and let them die.

    my rant:

    The little premie baby at the ICU with it’s stomach on the outside is waiting to die as her doctor secretly says to her own mother after her shift. “We keep them alive because we have to. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep her alive to suffer before she dies.”

    And the guy in “Sicko” couldn’t even get all his fingers sewn back on. How could the doctor not sew his finger back on? No matter how much it cost or if insurance wouldn’t pay for it. THEY THREW HIS FINGER AWAY.

  3. freemanayres

    NO,NO,NO! It is the SYSTEM that aloud practices in the first place that made you all ill!! From pesticides, preservatives, mercury and other nasties to inorganic minerals in the water, and a dead, toxic, acidic diet. These are the things that make you all sick, and these are the very things the PTB who ru the system know very well. This is not about fighting an alleged law (actually a statute – research Robert Arthur Menards videos on google), it is about taking back responsobility for your own lives and learning the truth. After all, there is NO MONEY!! There hasn’t been any were in the developed world since the 1930′s. There is only credit/debit created by you!! Don’t know what I am talking about – then this is where you should start. Google Mary-Elizabet-Crofts free book.

  4. emma peal

    Love it, makin’ the connection with all three agencies that are destroying humanity. Most people’s gut instinct is that bill is a scam. and Obama keeps pushing Bilderberg Agendas… more toxic, chemtrails, war, pharmacy, vaccines.. etc.

    …… are we all extreemly feed up with this stuff? ….

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