1. It was a hot summer afternoon, the day Mark Stroud and myself jumped the construction fence and made our way to the 7th floor of that Building ‘The Terrace’. With Boyhood Glee we wrestled the porta potty to the edge of the then unenclosed concrete structure. With silent fascination we watched it tumble those 7 stories, a wave of septic fury unleashed as it slammed against the broken concrete rubble far below. We barely made it to our Bannana seated Sting Ray Bicycles as the security gaurd who lived in a portable trailer next door arrived………..Auhhhhhh to be young again!!!!!!!!!!! (RIP Mark)

  2. Congratulations, I think you have invested some time and nerves in it and thanks! even now I will return on this blog. :)
    I stick to see some movies now luck.

  3. Thanks for your comment Ben
    I like your analogy with the mud slide thats a good one, yes the government is out of control maybe we will see more people like Sheriff Mack and McLamb stand up for our country along with regular police and military. Go oath keepers.

  4. Well I really enjoyed that John, I felt like I know you better then the 15 years I have known you LOL. That was really written well and I can see way so many people have read it. My younger life was full of hell so my reflection isn’t the best. I never had a father take me fishing so I don’t know if I needed a fishing license or not, but you are right thing’s have changed in America and not for the better. I feel our country is headed for disaster and I’m convinced no one is going to stop the destruction of our nation anytime soon. Well this is about child memories and how thing’s got all messed up. I’ll sum it up in one explanation. Our GOVERNMENT is too damn BIG and there is no one controlling it. It’s like a mud slide it start out small with little or no damage but then it gets bigger and bigger and it’s out of control which in turn destroys everything in it’s path. But if we (the American people) put up a retaining wall or reduce the size of the mud slide then some of the destruction can be eliminated. Taxes suck and its way out of control 67% of our income is consumed by this and then wasted by our Government in way’s I can’t even describe or understand. Thanks for sharing. See Ya

  5. I like the idea of looking at your categories and blogging the most about that – it’s good inspiration. I have been torn between the direction of what my newest site should be focused on and after reading this and a little steve palina yesterday, i think personal is how i want to go next.

  6. Hello Christian, the Writings and Rants is a Word Press template, if you are refering to the website thetruthnews I am the designer. Thank you for your compliment.
    The writings and rants averages 10,000 or so views a month and the web site around 5ooo with 10 to 15,000 page views.

  7. I suppose your site gets a lots of visitors since the design is so professional looking. I am starting my own site can you tell me who your designer is? Thanks in advance.

  8. Found this on Bing, I love your posts. Good jobs, waiting for your latest posting here. Thanks for sharing information. Keep working well.

  9. Found this on Bing, I love your posts. Good jobs, waiting for your latest posting here. Thanks for sharing information. Keep working well.

  10. As ive made so many comments over the last few days I was wondering if you could start publishing a list of the top commenters? I would be very interested!

  11. Hello Al! Thanks for the comment, I don’t remember the horse drawn wagon, that was right after the stone wheel wasn’t it? (LOL) but I remember the milk man delivering the milk. Good old Borden chocolate milk and pin wheel cinnamon roles. Yummy. I think the thing that bothers me the most is the children and theirs, after we are gone I don’t even want to imagine what reality will be for them. This is why we have to try and teach as many as we can before we are gone. Just like we were taught, the real American way.

  12. Hello Erik,thanks for your comment. You wouldn’t even want to see Detroit now. Johnny Cash, the MAN. I love that video on your blog, that’s great and so is your write up on the 10 steps tp fascism. Did you put that video together? Awesome. Will have to put a link up to your page. Yes I would be interested in your writing, shoot me an e=mail at truth@thetruthnews.info and then I will contact you. Thanks again!

  13. Goodmorning John, like Tom, I to look froward to seeing your e-mails.
    There’s always something of interest to read and keep up with the what’s going down around the world and at home.
    keep up the good work, I to have seen and still do see all the changes. I’m turning 60 this year, hell I remember when our milk was delivered to your door by horse drawn wagon. Man that really shows a guys age eh!
    But it’s almost depressing, thinking of what it used to be like and what we have now, our freedoms are being thrown out the door each day that
    passes. Think about it, we live in 2010 but it really is “1984″ (the movie)
    Anyway John keep up the good work……………Brownie

  14. also would like to note that if ever you were to accept outside writers for thetruthnews.info, I would be more than happy to. It seems that your site would recieve more readers than any small time blog i may put together. Once again, thank you for you contribution to the informing of the american people.

  15. Thank you for such a frank, and wholly realistic look at the way it was, and unfortunately the way it is. I am from Detroit, MI originally and now live in Tucson, AZ. Growing up in michigan i remember fishing on the huron river, swimming in any number of algae covered lakes (read: ponds) and buying candy for a penny at the local ice cream parlor. Well, that ice cream parlor was torn down for a new police station, the lakes were turned into private neighborhood gazing ponds, and I was given a ticket at 13 for fishing without a license, when I had never even been aware that one existed. Then 9/11, iraq, afghanistan, bosnia, etc. took control of the collective idiot mind that rules us all with a gold clad lead fist. I hope one day I can once again find my own place with no progress. Progress in arizona is measured by building more prisons and cutting funding for schools in the process. I thought it was bad in the detroit area growing up, but I guess looking back, I had no idea what bad was. Thank you for being able to validly express what it USED to mean to be an american. If our general population hadnt turned into such bubble headed babys sucking at the tit of mother america maybe we could see another time like we all remember as children. The only problem is educating all the bubble heads about the way it really is. Motivating our children to stand up for what is inherently american is now considered criminal grooming for a conspiratorial enterprise, or whatever other catchy little nonsense name they give to BS trumped up charges. I cant agree more with your synopsis of drag racing, it used to be in my town that the cop had the fastest car and would prove it on the track. But that was long before we made “progress” in society………..

  16. Tom Boulan

    Hi John I read your web site everytime you post new things. You are doing a good job of getting information out as you know most Americans are a sleep. Any one thats done any research on 911 knows that are goverment was involed in it.I believe that Satan is the power that is behind the powerful people that want to control everything in man kinds life and will do anything to acomplish there goals.Just not enouth of us freedom loving people seem to know whats going on,you are doing good work I send your articles to my friends,but not sure they heed what going on.If I understand what God says these God less no good leaders will get there way,but only for a few yrs after many die he will destroy them.But Im like you just cant stand to see this happen and these no good Satan lead people getting away with murder and mayham. keep up your information John wish there were millions like you, Tom living in Brazil.

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