1. Eli Wallace

    Where is your factual evidence? And the day you quit putting faith in your nation is the day you should just get up and go ahead a leave. Yeah the USA has its problems but we are still way ahead of the rest of the world and you might say that China is actually ahead of us but that’s not true. I took a course on the workings of the Chinese government and it’s pretty much a scene to keep the power secluded from the people. And yes there are many abuses of power and things that need significant changes but you can’t call people hypocrites or law breakers or denisons because people have been abusing their power since man kind was established. I’m not saying you are entirely wrong but you are wrong in some areas, a lot. Instead of ranting about how bad the system is, have faith and do something to fix it!

  2. Hello Lisa!
    Yes we gave our trust to the ones in control and this was a big mistake, the question is will the majority learn from this mistake or continue in denial. It has all been done by design thru the school system mostly and then the media. Who ever would have thought it was the American way that was to be destroyed, what a diabolical plan they are trying to carry out. as I have said before, I believe in the end we will bring the American way back and History will show them the American people were underestimated. Let’s hope and pray so. Good to hear from you Lisa, Sincerely, John.

  3. Hello Ed
    The day we look the other way is the day it’s over for sure. I know what you are talking about, it seems many don’t want to hear the truth and don’t realize that it is American to question the government. There has been a spell put on the American people by the so called ruling class. How un- American is that when Americans believe they have a ruler.
    Thanks for your comment Ed, yours truly in the battle for the “REPUBLIC”. John.

  4. Edward D. Smith

    Hi John.
    I sall this comming several years ago. You are absolutly dead on RIGHT. Keep up this fight. DONT BACK OFF. I have been doing this a long time myself, but a a much smaller scalle. 2 years ago I lost a good paying (working security) job for voicing this same threat to my co-workers. I have been told to LOOK THE OTHER WAY BY THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES. My eyes have seen first hand whats going on. The threat is in our our back yard. We are so blind and am so tired of trying POLITICLY CORRECT. Not any more. The fourth right is alive and doing well. From ohio Ed

  5. Lisa Tyler

    Hi John:
    I have been a senior citizen for several years. I grew up with a profound belief in and respect for our country. It is with deep regret that I agree with writings and rants.

    I don’t believe there is any one reason behind all these troubles. An obvious one is: greed for money and power. I believe another one is that we didn’t learn and pay enough attention to what was going on. Had we spent one day a week learning about more about our founding fathers and what we needed to do to keep it great; it’s possible our country wouldn’t be in such sad shape today. Instead we spent our time with work, family and recreation. We left the conrol of our country with the politicians as though we had no responsibility to it. Most of us did the same thing with our Doctors. We didn’t try to learn why they reccomended a certain treatment or medication nor what the expected outcome might be.


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