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  1. carlo

    9/11 Collateral Damage

    It has now been nine years since the United States was attacked on September 11 2001 and
    today still many questions remain unanswered about what actually happen and who really
    was responsible. Within 10 minutes of the second twin tower being hit in the World Trade
    Center the world was told by the U.S. media Osama bin Laden had done it. That was a
    planned piece of disinformation by the real perpetrators. It created an instant mindset
    and put public opinion into a trance, which prevented even intelligent people from
    thinking for themselves. Now, let us move away from the Sept 11, 2001 attack and focus on
    something that is public record. Fact of matter is, the CIA created, funded and trained
    Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, was a CIA asset at least right up until 9/11. Al Qaeda, in fact
    was a group of Mujahadeen that the CIA funded and trained to fight the Soviets in the
    80′s. At first, and like most people I questioned, the controlled demolitions theory of
    being cause that brought the !
    buildings down however, after looking at the live footage showing building 7 of WTC
    coming down left no question in my mind that controlled demolitions was used to bring the
    WTC buildings down. Moreover, more than a thousand engineers and those associated in
    industry of building demolitions, testified for those buildings to come down in manner
    which they did was by controlled demolitions. With respect to the Pentagon attack, any
    person with common sense has to know that if, someone really wanted to inflict maximum
    damage they would have flown the jet into the center of the Pentagon not, hit a wall of
    an area which by the way, was under construction and unoccupied. Whats more, it has been
    established that there was no evidence of a jet ever hitting the Pentagon and although
    there were many as 40 security cameras covering area where the supposing jet hit the
    building, to this day only two images were released. The 911 attacks was a incredibility
    sophisticated orchestrated eng!
    ineered plan executed with exactness. Such a strategic elaborate missi
    on of this nature, could have never been realized without having access to U.S. defense
    security protocol and help by people in the U.S. intelligence community. The only logical
    conclusion that a reasonable person can arrive at is the 9/11 attacks, were planned,
    orchestrated, financed, carried out, by the Mossad agents of Israel and CIA elements in
    the US government. Is this all too much for you to swallow? Well, look at the stakes.
    This current war in Afghanistan will go on for years and blot out one of the world’s
    great religions same religion by the way, that threatens Israel’s survival. By Israel
    having Americans believing that the Muslims were responsible for the 911 attacks
    guarantees Israel that American people will become Israel’s partner in destroying the
    very same people trying to destroy state of Israel. The advantages for U.S. by convincing
    Americans that Muslims committed 911 gives the government opportunity to legitimize
    military rule in the United States, red!
    istribute the world’s oil resources, and change the entire power structure of planet

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