1. Hello Dana I sent an e- mail to you, did you get it? Just wondering if it got through or if they blocked it. Yeah that “doughnut hole” is all by design to appear that they are taking care of the general welfare while in reality they are making it impossible for the system we all pay dearly for to work. These systems to insure our standard of living (in our once most wealthy nation in the world) for those it was created for in the first place has been looted and gambled with like everything else we have intrusted to our elected public servants.

    I am very happy to hear at least you will get your medications temporarily but it is sad that you have to get rid of Medicare and become more vulnerable to do it, talk about a failure of a bureaucracy of red tape. I know it would probably be impossible for you to make a move but have you checked into maybe moving to another state? I too am a baby boomer (1960 model) and as you said who do these arrogant SOB’s think have been paying for their tickets over the last few decades. “Ride on our backs” bleed us dry and then kick us to the curb, I am angry and tired of these, what I can only describe as cannibals, eating their own and destroying the foundation this country stands on.

    That foundation is WE THE PEOPLE!

    I will be looking forward to your e-mail Dana.

    Sincerely, John.

  2. dana priest

    Thanks; I will get this to you. I am going to have to disenroll from medicare, leaving me w/no dr coverage, lab coverage, er coverage, etc. I will still have my part a for hospitlal, but that is all. I have contacted 6 drug manfg. who will provide 6 of my meds, IF I have no insurance on 1/1/2011.

    Mostly, I cannot keep Medicare B w/o having Medicare D attached, which I cannot participate in Medicare D w/o help (monthly premium, yearly deductable, that infamous damn “doughnut hole’” the dollars between $2,850 and $4,500 when you meds become free). I could never dig myself out of the “gap” and keep a roof over my head. NO WAY!!! Also, I have lost my diebetic testing company CCS because Texas is a “bidding” state and according to the list I found, ALL of the testing suppliers in Texas are PHARAMCIES who provide no extra help for the cost after medicare, which my supplier did. SO, do you think its because I wrote to obama at his congressional site when he was first talking about running for pres and he was lambasting the “baby boomers” and I called him a stupid son of a bitch? I reminded him that he IS a baby boomer having been born in 1962 (the last year of that era) and that if it hadn’t been for the baby boomers he would never ever had been accepted into Harvard and got his law degree; he would never have been elected to congress and that he certainly would not be able to even think about running for pres. That he had ridden his whole life on the backs of baby boomers. Do you think I’m on his shit list?

    I’m going to include a letter I rec’d yesterday from the Dallas office for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services wt/that email; no one seems to really know what the hell they are doing nor do they realy even care; just put in thos hours, go home and get that pay check!!!

    thanks, dana priest

  3. Hello Dana

    Your very welcome, thank you for bringing this issue out in the light. As you said you can’t be the only one this is happening to and I can assure you your not. This is going to be a big problem and something that has to be addressed immediately for time is critical as you are well aware. Lives are on a knifes edge and I pray that things work out for you and those who are in the same position.

    The problem is our country is bankrupt 10 fold and we have very hard times ahead. (“It is an established fact that the US Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act,March 9 1933 (48 stat. 1,Public Law 89-719) declared by President Roosevelt,being bankrupt and insolvent…the US Federal Government exists today in name only” – James Traficant JR, (quoting from the Congressional Record of March 17th 1993 (vol 33,page H-1303)-)

    The sad part is the ruling class and so called elite will try and hang on to their status quo- the empire- and this doesn’t include taking care of the general welfare of the United States – you and me. There should have been a peace dividend after the end of the cold war with the USSR but the military industrial complex and world hegemony was more important, so we are living the results from this decision. As I write I hear on the news today they have a new debt proposal and are talking about raising the retirement age to 69 and stopping all tax write-offs such as mortgage payments. I guess there hasn’t been enough foreclosures and people kicked out in the streets already. If they go through with this it will be catastrophic. They are asking what are you and me willing to give up to pay the national debt. Funny thing they don’t understand that most of us don’t have anything more to give up and have been bled dry already. It is as if they think everyone is wealthy, and if your not you don’t count or don’t exist. We all have to speak out as you are and let them know we do.

    The most important resource to the United States of America is, WE THE PEOPLE! After decades of hard work, service and paying taxes we deserve to live in dignity in our old age and illness and not be thrown to the curb.

    If there is anything I can do to help or you would like anything posted please let me know Dana and yes I would like a copy could you e-mail it to me at truth@thetruthnews.info thanks.

    You will be in my prayers.


  4. dana priest

    Thank you for your post; I am that woman who faxed a grievance to the U.N. on nov2 & and nov5 2010 re: “genocide based on income” My income (after the $96.40 for medicare is deducted from S.s. each month) is $1,367 to live on. I live very, very modestly and usually have between $300-400 dollars a month for food (do not qualify for food stamps), etc. I CANNOT get my medications w/o the assistance for the Med. D. monthly premium, yearly deductable, high copays and especially that “dough nut hole” between $2,850-$4,500 (your medications are free after $4,500). I cannot live in my 1994 chevy and buy my medicatios whose cost if $2,187 a MONTH. I have a very complicated medical history (transplant in 2000) and still deal daily w/the rejection disease. I have meds I HAVE TO TAKE DAILY. I truly believe this is a 1st wave of reducing the “baby boomer” population in this nation==they have bitched about us for the past 10 yrs and how we are going to break social security & medicare; well, this is the first wave of that reduction—-cut off our necessary medications and we die. MOst baby boomers are ill, have been ill and require daily medications just to live day to day.
    Thank you for posting my call in; I’ll be glad to fax to you a copy of my U.N. if you would like on. thanks again, nuked

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