1. Thanks Ben for your comment.

    You are not alone their is a mass awakening going on world wide, even the main stream media understands this and this is why we are beginning to see truth even on the TV sometimes, critical mass will be met and there’s no stopping it. Everyone can see through these puppet masters game. It’s an old game and it’s time for real change, fear, death and destruction is getting old very old.

    Yes both Bush’s need to be brought to justice but we have to remember this is a web of Goblins, there are many that need to be held accountable.

    The North Woods Doc can really open one’s eyes, there are two others you need to take a look at. The Project For A New American Century(PNAC) and the Clean Break document. On thetruthnews,info on the navigation bar on the left of the page click on ‘The truth library’ there you will find all these documents in full and many others with brief descriptions. This is a very important page on the site full of eye opening real important information.

    Soon truth will not be treason and this will no longer be the empire of lies… Ron Paul 2012!!!

    Good to hear from you my friend.


  2. Benjamin Pooler

    John, I have not given you enough credit when it came to 911. Cuba North-wood documents have changed my belief that our own government did do this outrageous crime of 911. I just wish someone had told me the that these documents were about our own government was planning back then to use airplanes to blow up buildings in the U.S. and blame it on Cuba to start a war with them. My jaw dropped about five inches when I was wacthing the Presidents book of secrets on the History channel and revealed that issue, which got me to read those documents and it didn’t take me two seconds too finely, putting the pieces together that all along you were right. NOW I’M REALLY PISSED OFF AND GEORGE BUSH SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS. I think I have never been this upset about something in my entire life. Do me a favor in the future, don’t just tell people to read some damn document next time, explain in your website that what it’s about and how important this might be to connect the dots.

    Benjamin Pooler

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