1. Well here is my take on it. First the U.S. has always made groups to fight against other groups that we dislike. Then the group we generated become angry with us, because we stop supporting them after we have accomplished what we wanted. That has gone on since the country was founded period. We are not the only ones who do this, it has been done by just about every other country and it has become common place to do so, and it’s completely out of control. The Middle East has the oil and will continue to use it oil power to survive, it’s all they have. All that said here is what i would do if I were president. I would first bring home every single U.S. solider home from all countries we now have them in. Then I would close our borders to all in coming people. I would use the military we are now using though out the world to protect those borders of ours. Then I would get every single illegal immigrant out of our country, did you notice I said illegal not legal immigrant. Then I would put such a high tariff on all imported goods that wal mart and others alike would stop buying there cheap crap. I would then give tax breaks to those companies those pursued American goods to sell and stop competing with the world. Then, I would rebuild our infrastructure and use our own resources to feed our country men and women. We have enough resources here to feed, clothe and build right here in our own country. I hate the world market and its time we got the hell out and take care of our own. Also I would make sure that not one child or a person that is over the age of 62 go hungry and had free medical and housing period. People at that age should be taken care of buy our young people. People at the age of 62 or 18 and younger don’t have the ability to work. So before we solve the entire world’s problems let’s get our problems fixed first and be self-supportive, I bet our taxes would be a whole lot cheaper than they are now. Just maybe mom could stay home and raise a family as dad has a job that brings home enough money without being taxed to death to support his family. I bet most children would grow up with a two parent family which in turn would put some morals back into our society.

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