Tony Blair is preparing a new push to re-enter British politics as he hires a new spin doctor to put a gloss on some of the criticism that has followed him since entering Number 10. Tony who was put into power by Lord levy and the Jewish lobby for a war in Iraq, has since become Mid East peacekeeper, this is a travesty for a man who oversaw millions murdered in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine; and looked the other way.

The former prime minister ‘has things to say’ and believes the time is right for him to make an impact on the home front after years in political exile.

Mr. Blair is expected to launch his comeback as he appears on a joint platform with Labour leader Ed Miliband in July at an event to celebrate the unwanted Olympics.

Tony has an international warrant out for his arrest for war crimes.

Cherie Blair is known to have set up Matrix Chambers law firm to cash in on the 3000 law changes Tony brought in while in office.

The ex-PM is understood to believe that enough time has passed for people to have forgotten the disastrous effect of the Iraq war on his image and how Gordon Brown threw him from office.

The move to hire a public relations expert is proof that Mr. Blair wants to be heard on a range of subjects and knows the public see him as yesterday’s man.

The spin doctor will also attempt to portray Mr. Blair's cash schemes - such as charging up to £300,000 for after-dinner speeches - in a more positive light.

In the latest accusation of greed, it was revealed in January that Mr. Blair made millions of pounds last year but paid just a fraction of it in tax thanks to a complicated web of companies he has established.


Being driven out of office by a plotting former ally may not have seemed like the most edifying climax to his premiership.

But for Tony Blair his corrupt fortunes have gone from strength to strength since leaving Downing Street in June 2007.

It's perhaps no surprise then that he quit his job as an MP for Sedgefield - a post he had for two-and-a-half decades - with its £65,000 salary.

Instead, he seems to have left his socialist ideals in County Durham and quickly embarked on the lucrative after-dinner circuit where he can pocket up to £250,000 a night for a 90-minute delivery.

But if that wasn't keeping him busy enough, Mr. Blair set up the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in May 2008 to spread his message around the world. This spawned the Tony Blair Sports Foundation and the charities are now moving into bigger buildings.

He is also a senior advisor at investment bank JP Morgan (salary estimates range between £500,000 and £2.5m) and advises the Swiss insurance firm Zurich Financial Services on climate change issues for a reputed £1m a year, not to mention his consulting role with luxury goods firm LVMH. And he was said to have been paid an estimated £1m for writing a report for the government of Kuwait on the future of the oil-rich state.

Finally, Blair, who is married to Cherie Booth QC, the barrister daughter of actor Tony Booth, also boasts an enviable property portfolio. At one point he had seven homes around the country worth at least £15m.

On top of this, Blair receives £84,000 of taxpayers' money to run a private office, and he is also entitled to draw a pension of £63,468.

Mr. Miliband’s aides say the pair now talk ‘regularly’ – code for chats every few weeks – about domestic politics and foreign affairs.

Mr. Blair’s aides think the time is right for him to speak out in the UK. They believe enough time has passed since he was driven from office in 2007 on a wave of disgust at the Iraq War.

Blair will be remembered for the Iraq War, and all the accusations of lies and evasions that spawned from it.

Many in the Labour Party would simply like to forget him, even though he brought them three rigged general election wins, but for the public he will always be yesterday’s man.

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